Ghost Town (video game)
Ghost Town is a computer game developed by Adventure International and released in 1981.
The player searches a Western ghost town for treasure. In addition to the points a player receives when tre...
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Planetfall is a science fiction interactive fiction computer game written by Steve Meretzky, and the eighth title published by Infocom in 1983. Like most Infocom games, thanks to the portable Z-machin...
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Football Manager (1982 series)
Football Manager is a video game series published and developed by Addictive Games, the label set up by the game's creator Kevin Toms. The first game was released in 1982. It was then ported to most h...
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Sorcerer (video game)
Sorcerer is an interactive fiction computer game written by Steve Meretzky and released by Infocom in 1984. It is the second game in the magic-themed "Enchanter trilogy", preceded by Enchanter and fol...
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Frogger 2 (Xbox Live Arcade)
Frogger 2 is a sequel to the original arcade game. It was released on Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360 on June 11, 2008. This is the third game to call itself Frogger 2, the others being Frogger II: ...
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Wishbringer: The Magick Stone of Dreams is an interactive fiction computer game written by Brian Moriarty and published by Infocom in 1985. It was intended to be an easier game to solve than the typic...
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Frogger is a 1981 arcade game developed by Konami, and licensed for North American distribution by Sega-Gremlin. It is regarded as a classic from the golden age of video arcade games, noted for its n...
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Arena of Octos
Arena of Octos is a single-player, turn-based combat game for the Apple II and TRS-80 computer families. It was created by Steve Kropinak and Al Johnston in 1981 and published by SoftSide Magazine.
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Voodoo Castle
Voodoo Castle is a text adventure program written by Scott Adams and his wife Alexis.
Published by Adventure International, this text-based adventure game is one of many from Scott Adams.Gameplay...
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Asylum (1981 video game)
Asylum is an adventure game created by William F. Denman Jr. and released in 1981 by Med Systems (later known as Screenplay) of Chapel Hill, North Carolina for the TRS-80 computer. It combines a text ...
Frogger Beyond
Frogger Beyond (known in Japan as just Frogger) (フロッガー, Furoggā) is a video game from Konami, released for Nintendo GameCube and Xbox in December 2002, for Windows in March 2003 in the US, and...
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Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue
Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue, known in Japan as Frogger Rescue (フロッガーレスキュー, Furoggā Resukyū), is an action-adventure video game released in 2003 by Konami HWI. It is based on the original ...
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Frogger: Helmet Chaos
Frogger: Helmet Chaos is a video game of the action-adventure genre released in 2005 by Konami Computer Entertainment Hawaii. It was released on the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation Portable. It is t...
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Adventureland (video game)
Adventureland is an early, formative work of interactive fiction. It was written by Scott Adams, and was not only the first text adventure game to be commercially published and sold for the then-new ...
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Frogger Returns
Frogger Returns is a game for the PlayStation 3 and Wii. It can be purchased from the PlayStation Store and the Wii Shop Channel. The game was also released for the DSiWare in North America on May 18,...
Legends of Zork
Legends of Zork was a browser-based online adventure game, based on the legendary Zork universe.
A Zork massively multiplayer online game was originally announced in January, 2009. However, the de...
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Xenos (video game)
Xenos is a 32K Disk adventure game for the TRS-80 Model I/III (Catalog Number 25-1955).
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Sea Dragon (video game)
Sea Dragon is a side-scrolling game for the TRS-80 computer, written by Wayne Westmoreland and Terry Gilman, and released in 1982 by Adventure International. It was one of the most popular games for t...
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Snake (video game)
Snake is a video game concept which originated in the 1976 arcade game Blockade. The term "snake" applies to the general game design; there is no apocryphal game named Snake. Its simplicity has led to...
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Frogger 3D
Frogger 3D (フロッガー3D, Furoggā 3D) is a video game for the Nintendo 3DS. It was released in North America on September 20, 2011, Japan on September 22, 2011, and Europe on November 2011.
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Warrior of Ras: Volume I - Dunzhin is a fantasy role-playing video game developed by Med Systems Software. The game was released on the TRS-80 in 1982.
The player explores a new, randomly generate...
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List of TRS-80 games
There were a number of games available for the monochrome TRS-80 computers.
Mystery Fun House (video game)
Mystery Fun House is a text-based adventure program written by Scott Adams, "Adventure 7" in the series released by Adventure International. The game setting was a fun house that the player had to ex...
Pyramid of Doom
Pyramid of Doom is a text-based adventure program written by Scott Adams.
Published by Adventure International, this text-based adventure game was one of many from Scott Adams, co-written by Alvin...
Android Nim
Android Nim is a game written by Leo Christopherson for the TRS-80 computer in 1978 and published by SoftSide. A version for the Commodore PET by Don Dennis was released July 1979. A new version rew...
Return to Zork
Return to Zork is a 1993 adventure game in the Zork series. It was developed by Activision and was the final Zork game to be published under the Infocom label.
Unlike the previous games in the Zor...
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