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New ultra light Strong Materials
This is a revolution on new way to engineer new materials and its uses for several exponential technologies and advance applications...
The Share Economy
However, the concentration of activities is already beginning to bear frui
Security Architect | Role, Responsibilities, Jobs, Salary
Get to know about Security Architects role, responsibilities, job profile, salary and know how freelance Security Architects paying higher.
Cloud Systems Administrator | Definition, salary & More!
A Cloud Systems Administrator is responsible for working in a mixed Windows and Unix software environment. Read Cloud Systems Administrator’s salary, job description & much more!
(Survival Capsule) The giant ball that could save your life
Survival Capsule protects occupants against tsunamis and hurricanes The ball-shaped pod can float and has air supply for one hour per person Withstands sharp object penetration, heat exposure, and rap...
A UK company is creating edible water blobs that it hopes will eradicate the world of plastic waste
A UK company has created a biodegradable alternative to plastic bottles which is currently crowdfunding on crowdcube. The product is a blob of water that's m...
Vertical forest takes root in China
Two buildings in Nanjing will feature thousands of plants, which should absorb carbon dioxide and produce...
The Town Where Everyone Got Free Money
No, nobody stopped working. Inside the experiment that laid the groundwork for the modern guaranteed income movement.
Earth's Atmospheric Oxygen Levels Continue Long Slide
Atmospheric oxygen levels have declined over the past 1 million years, although not nearly enough to trigger any major problems for life on Earth, a new study finds.
France Bans Plastic Cups, Plates And Cutlery
France has passed a new law to ensure all plastic cups, cutlery and plates can be composted and are made of biologically-sourced materials. The law, which comes into effect in 2020, is part of the Ene...
States Declare State Of Emergency After Gas Pipeline Leaks 250,000 Gal.
As Native Americans protesters face arrest for blocking the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, a gasoline pipeline spill is currently unfolding.
Montana's Glacier National Park Will Soon Be Glacier-Free - CityLab
The park could be almost glacier-free by 2030.
It's Probably Too Late To Stop Global Warming
We've passed the point of no return when it comes to stopping a rise of 1.5°C (2.7°F) in global temperatures, a new study has found.Your grandchildren are going to love this.
Antarctic Ocean Climate Change Mystery Could Be Explained By Deep, Old Water
A new study suggests that the Antarctic Ocean has remained unaffected by climate change and global warming due to deep, old water that is continually pulled to the surface.
The First Official Climate Refugees In The U.S. Race Against Time
A Native American tribe struggles to hold on to their culture in a Louisiana bayou while their land slips into the Gulf of Mexico.
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Science & Technology
Science (from Latin scientia, meaning "knowledge") is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about nature and the universe. Th...
A donation is a gift given by physical or legal persons, typically for charitable purposes and/or to benefit a cause. A donation may take various forms, including cash offering, services, new or used ...
A newsroom is the central place where journalists—reporters, editors, and producers, along with other staffers—work to gather news to be published in a newspaper and/or an online newspaper or magazine...
An obituary is a news article that reports the recent death of a person, typically along with an account of the person's life and information about the upcoming funeral. In large cities and larger ne...
New ultra light Strong Materials
This is a revolution on new way to engineer new materials and its uses for several exponential technologies and advance applications...
Ferritin is a ubiquitous intracellular protein that stores iron and releases it in a controlled fashion. The protein is produced by almost all living organisms, including algae, bacteria, higher plan...
Optoacoustic imaging
Optoacoustic imaging (Photoacoustic Imaging) is an imaging technology based on the photoacoustic effect, and can be used for obtaining images of structures in turbid environments. The optoacoustic tec...
Postcoital test
The postcoital test (PCT) (also known as Sims test, Huhner test or Sims-Huhner test) is a test in the evaluation of infertility. The test examines interaction between sperm and mucus of the cervix.
Microtechnology is technology with features near one micrometre (one millionth of a metre, or 10 metre, or 1μm).In the 1960s, scientists learned that by arraying large numbers of microscopic transisto...
Fractional anisotropy
Fractional anisotropy (FA) is a scalar value between zero and one that describes the degree of anisotropy of a diffusion process. A value of zero means that diffusion is isotropic, i.e. it is unrestri...
Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration
The mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration, a measure of the concentration of hemoglobin in a given volume of packed red blood cells. It is reported as part of a standard complete blood count. It ...
Plasma TV
A plasma display panel (PDP) is a type of flat panel display common to large TV displays 30 inches (76 cm) or larger. They are called "plasma" displays because they use small cells containing ele...
Focused assessment with sonography for trauma
Focused assessment with sonography for trauma (commonly abbreviated as FAST) is a rapid bedside ultrasound examination performed by surgeons, emergency physicians and certain paramedics as a screenin...