Brave Storm Footage!
Brave Storm Footage!
Kashmir Today - Has National Geographic Channel Paid $ 1 Million For This Video?
National Geographic Channel Has Paid $ 1 Million For This Video
Boomerang: Could Hurricane Matthew Hit the US Twice?
Hurricane Matthew may boomerang on us: Will the Category 4 storm perform a dreaded 360-degree loop and head right back toward the U.S. East Coast?
Why Hurricane Categories Make A Big Difference
During a hurricane you usually hear meteorologists refer to its intensity by categories. If you don't know the difference between a category 1 and a category...
China tornado: Dozens die in Jiangsu province
A tornado has killed 51 people in eastern China and injured dozens more, Chinese state media say.
2 Tornadoes strike in Miami-Dade and Broward
The National Weather Service has confirmed that two tornadoes touched down in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties, Tuesday morning.
Hurricane Joaquin Lurks As Meteorologists Disagree Over Threat to U.S.
Joaquin strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane Wednesday. On that, the meteorologists agree. But the precarious path that the storm will take in the coming days — belting the East Coast or straying ...
Three Category 4 Hurricanes In The Pacific Ocean At The Same Time Make History
A very rare meteorological event occurred Saturday evening into early Sunday morning when three Category 4 hurricanes were ongoing simultaneously in the Pacific Ocean. At 11 p.m. EDT Saturday, Hurican...
'Unbelievable destruction' reported in Tropical Cyclone Pam's wake
The Australian Red Cross said via Twitter that "humanitarian needs will be enormous. Many people have lost their homes. Shelter, food and water (are) urgent priorities" in Port Vila. Meteorologists s...
Tiny Plankton Could Steer Giant Hurricanes
Microscopic plants less than half a centimeter across may be able to change the paths of 300-mile-wide tropical storms, due to their ability to change the color of the surface of the sea ...
Tornado - Tornado in a Can
If you can't bring the scientist to the tornado, bring the tornado to the scientist. Naked Science: Twister Outbreak :
Tropical cyclone
A fascinating look at how a little girl walking in the sand of the African desert could cause a hurricane 4000 miles away in the USA. Great video from BBC sh...
See tornadoes tear across the country. See more National Geographic videos:
Tornado - YouTube
Jun 26, 2007 ... Derek and I going to Alberta, a tornado appeared RIGHT in front of us... No zoom was used Manitoba Canada **UPDATE** bigpowerfulpeople ...
Extratropical cyclone
This animation shows an extratropical cyclone developing over the United States, starting late on October 25 and running through October 27, 2010.Extratropical cyclones, sometimes called mid-latitud...
Extratropical cyclone - Wikipedia
A nor’easter (also northeaster; see below) is a macro-scale storm along the upper East Coast of the United States and Atlantic Canada; it gets its name from the direction the wind is coming in from th...
Nor'easter - Wikipedia
Tropical cyclone
A tropical cyclone is a rapidly rotating storm system characterized by a low-pressure center, strong winds, and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain. Depending on its locatio...
Tropical cyclone - Wikipedia
Tornado Intercept Vehicle
The Tornado Intercept Vehicle 1 (TIV 1) and Tornado Intercept Vehicle 2 (TIV 2) are vehicles used to film with an IMAX camera from very close proximity to or within a tornado. They were designed by fi...
Tornado Intercept Vehicle - Wikipedia
Boomerang: Could Hurricane Matthew Hit the US Twice?
Hurricane Matthew may boomerang on us: Will the Category 4 storm perform a dreaded 360-degree loop and head right back toward the U.S. East Coast?
Tropical Meteorology Project
The Tropical Meteorology Project is a research initiative at Colorado State University that studies weather patterns and systems in the tropics. It is best known for its annual predictions of the numb...
Subtropical cyclone
A subtropical cyclone is a weather system that has some characteristics of a tropical and an extratropical cyclone.As early as the 1950s, meteorologists were unclear whether they should be characteriz...
Subtropical cyclone - Wikipedia
Gulf low
A Gulf low or Texas Low is a low pressure area that forms or intensifies over the Gulf of Mexico.Because they move northward from over or near the Gulf of Mexico, these storm systems are capable of tr...
Thermal wind
Thermal wind is a vertical shear in the geostrophic wind caused by a horizontal temperature gradient. The name is a misnomer, it is not a wind but rather a wind shear.
Geostrophic wind is proport...
Thermal wind - Wikipedia
Mesoscale convective vortex
A mesoscale convective vortex (MCV) is a low-pressure center within an mesoscale convective system (MCS) that pulls winds into a circling pattern, or vortex. With a core only 30 to 60 miles (97 ...
Mesoscale convective vortex - Wikipedia