Tropical cyclone
A tropical cyclone is a rapidly rotating storm system characterized by a low-pressure center, strong winds, and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain. Depending on its locatio...
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Rising Seas Turn Coastal Houses Into a Gamble
Elevated sea levels caused by global warming have homeowners and developers worried about the value of their coastal properties.
Health Conditions Worsen As Aid Trickles Into Remote Hait
In this most western tip of Haiti, 300 patients with festering wounds lay silently on beds
Hurricane Mathew Pulls a Tree Out Of The Ground!!!
Footage from Jacksonville Florida shows how powerful hurricane Mathew is!
Boomerang: Could Hurricane Matthew Hit the US Twice?
Hurricane Matthew may boomerang on us: Will the Category 4 storm perform a dreaded 360-degree loop and head right back toward the U.S. East Coast?
Hurricane Matthew: Hundreds Dead In Haiti Storm Disaster
The death toll in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful Caribbean storm in a decade, soars past 300 as Florida braces for landfall.
Why Hurricane Categories Make A Big Difference
During a hurricane you usually hear meteorologists refer to its intensity by categories. If you don't know the difference between a category 1 and a category...
Why the City of Miami Is Doomed to Drown
By century's end, rising sea levels will turn the nation's urban fantasyland into an American Atlantis. But long before the city is completely underwa
The Future: More Flooding For Development-Mad Fort Lauderdale
If Florida is “Ground Zero” for rising seas, then East Fort Lauderdale is “Ground Zero of Ground Zero”.
The First Official Climate Refugees In The U.S. Race Against Time
A Native American tribe struggles to hold on to their culture in a Louisiana bayou while their land slips into the Gulf of Mexico.
We Finally Know Why This El Niño Was Such a Monster
The strongest El Niño ever seen is finally gone. But before it left it had plenty to throw at us: Storms, droughts, blackouts, thousands of pounds of dead fish. And we finally know just what it was th...
Pictures Of Rare 'Super Bloom' Of Wildflowers In The California Desert
A rare 'super bloom' has carpeted Death Valley National Park in California, with an enchanting and stunning display of gold, pink, purple and white wildflowers.
Corals Are Dying On The Great Barrier Reef
Scientists have discovered an unprecedented die-off in the world's largest reef, the Great Barrier Reef, prompting the Australian government to issue its highest response level.
Huge El Nino Pushes Climate Toward All Time Records.
Over the past few days, a bevy of climate data has come together to tell a familiar yet shocking story: Humans have profoundly altered the planet’s life-support system, with 2015 increasingly likely t...
Climate change could push snow leopards to extinction
It is estimated that there are as few as 4,000 snow leopards left in Central Asia's high mountains. Poaching and habitat loss have contributed to a 20 percent population decline over the last 16 years...
Patricia, Strongest Hurricane In History, Nears Mexico Landfall
Over the past day or so, a phenomenal episode of strengthening has pushed Hurricane Patricia into the record books. Now, as the strongest hurricane ever measured—with 200 mph sustained winds—Patricia ...
Project Stormfury
Project Stormfury was an attempt to weaken tropical cyclones by flying aircraft into them and seeding with silver iodide. The project was run by the United States Government from 1962 to 1983.The hypo...
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Lists of tropical cyclone names
Tropical cyclones and subtropical cyclones are given names according to policy (see Tropical cyclone naming). These storms need a unique identifier in issuing forecasts and warnings, due to their lon...
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