Rail transport in fiction
Examples of railways in fiction include:
Time travel in fiction
Time travel is a common theme in fiction and has been depicted in a variety of media from prose fiction to television and advertisements. It can be the central theme of the plot, or merely a plot devi...
Interstellar travel in fiction
Interstellar travel is a common feature of fiction such as science fiction and fantasy.
The Intuitionist
The Intuitionist is a 1999 novel by Colson Whitehead. It falls broadly into speculative fiction.The Intuitionist takes place in a city (implicitly, New York) full of skyscrapers and other buildings re...
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Tower of Terror (film)
Tower of Terror is a 1997 made-for-TV supernatural thriller directed by D. J. MacHale. It is based on the theme park attraction, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, at Disney's Hollywood Studios at th...
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Elevator Action Returns
Elevator Action Returns (エレベーターアクション リターンズ), released as Elevator Action II in North America, is a side-scrolling action game by Taito originally released for the arcades in 1994 as a sequel to th...
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Thunder Machine
The Thunder Machine is a fictional, four wheeled, armored, weaponized vehicle used by the Dreadnoks, a biker gang/mercenary group in the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comic books and cartoon series. ...
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Jumper (film)
Jumper or Jumpers may refer to:
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Wood between the Worlds
The Wood between the Worlds is a forest-type linking room location in the novel The Magician's Nephew, part of The Chronicles of Narnia series by C. S. Lewis.
It is first so named by Polly Plummer...
Future Echoes
"Future Echoes" is the second episode of the science fiction sitcom Red Dwarf series one, and was first broadcast on the British television channel BBC2 on 22 February 1988. Written by co-creators Rob...
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Almost Normal
Almost Normal is a 2005 comedy-drama film directed by Marc Moody.
Brad Jenkins, a 40-year-old gay college professor, is still uncomfortable in his own skin. After a disagreement with mother, he s...
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A starship, starcraft or interstellar spacecraft is a theoretical spacecraft designed for traveling between stars, as opposed to a vehicle designed for orbital spaceflight or interplanetary travel.The...
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Slipstream (science fiction)
"Slipstream" is a science fiction term for a fictional method of faster-than-light space travel, similar to hyperspace travel, warp drive, or "transfer points" from David Brin's Uplift series.
The Wrecker (1929 film)
The Wrecker (German: Der Würger) is a 1929 British-German silent crime film directed by Géza von Bolváry and starring Carlyle Blackwell, Joseph Striker and Benita Hume. The film was based on the play...
Transporter (Star Trek)
A transporter is a fictional teleportation machine used in the Star Trek universe. Transporters convert a person or object into an energy pattern (a process called dematerialization), then "beam" it t...
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The Romance of Transportation in Canada
The Romance of Transportation in Canada is a 1952 animated short directed by Colin Low, animated by Wolf Koenig and Robert Verrall and narrated by Guy Glover. Eldon Rathburn composed the film score....
Generation ship
A generation ship or generation starship is a hypothetical type of interstellar ark starship that travels across great distances between stars at a speed slower than the speed of light.Since such a sh...
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