Teatro Colón - Restauration
ESTRENO JUEVES 15/11 A LAS 23 HS. Documental sobre el Master Plan del Teatro Colón. Realizado por Michel Lichtenstein. Repeticiones: SÁBADO 17 DE NOVIEMBRE 1...
Paseo La Plaza
Paseo La Plaza is a cultural and commercial complex in the San Nicolás section of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Paseo La Plaza was built where the bustling Mercado Modelo once stood. Serving residents...
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Teatro Colón
The Teatro Colón (Spanish) (Colón Theatre) is the main opera house in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is ranked the third best opera house in the world by National Geographic, and is acoustically consider...
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Cervantes Theatre (Buenos Aires)
The Teatro Nacional Cervantes in Buenos Aires is the national stage and comedy theatre of Argentina.
Located on Córdoba Avenue and two blocks north of Buenos Aires' renowned opera house, the Coló...
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Teatro Opera
The Teatro Opera (Opera Theatre) is a prominent cinema and theatre house in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The Opera Theatre was developed in 1871 by Antonio Petalardo, a local businessman who foresaw a...
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Avenida Theatre
The Avenida Theatre (Teatro Avenida) is a theatre in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The Avenida Theatre was inaugurated on Buenos Aires' central Avenida de Mayo in 1908 with a production of Spanish dra...
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Centro Cultural General San Martín
The General San Martín Cultural Centre (Spanish: Centro Cultural General San Martín) is a cultural centre located in Buenos Aires, Argentina near the major thoroughfare Corrientes Avenue.It is run...
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Teatro General San Martín
The Teatro General San Martín (General San Martín Theater) is an important public theater in Buenos Aires, located on Corrientes Avenue and adjacent to the cultural center of the same name. It is one ...
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Teatro Gran Rex
The Teatro Gran Rex is an Art Deco style theatre in Buenos Aires, Argentina which opened on July 8, 1937, as the largest cinema in South America.Located near the centre of the city at 857 Corrientes ...
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Argentine Open Theatre
The Argentine Open Theatre was an independent theatre company in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The theatre in Argentina had developed alongside the nation's emergence as a modern economy in the late 19...
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Teatro Odeón
The Odeon Theater (Teatro Odeón in Spanish) was a theater in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was built by Don Emilio Bieckert in the end of the 19th century. In July 1896, it hosted the first ever film sc...
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