Swing music
Swing music, or simply swing, is a form of American music that developed in the early 1930s and became a distinctive style by 1940. Swing uses a strong rhythm section of double bass and drums as the a...
Louis Armstrong: Mack The Knife (Live 1956)
Louis Armstrong Mack The Knife (Live 1956)
Louis Prima--Sam Buttera Night Train
Sam Buttera, born New Orleans, Aug. 17, 1927 died June 3, 2009
Whiteys Lindy Hoppers .. Hellzapoppin. - YouTube
Probably the greatest Lindy hop sequence ever filmed. Whitey's Lindy Hoppers from the 1941 film Helzapoppin. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m34eD21QzUw
Frank Sinatra Was ‘A Good Drug Dealer' Says Drug Lord Pablo Escobar’s Son
Sebastian Marroquin, pictured, claimed that legendary singer Frank Sinatra was a secret business partner with his late father and Colombian drug cartel leader Pablo Escobar. Sebastian Marroquín descri...
Review: Bob Dylan takes on Frank Sinatra in latest album
Though from different eras, and sensibilities, the Bard does the Chairman proud.
Duke Ellington - It don't mean a thing (1943)
Duke Ellington and his orchestra playing this awesome tune in 1943. It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) is a 1931 composition by Duke Elling...
Count Basie - Basie Boogie
Featuring music from Count Basie, an American jazz pianist, organist, bandleader, and composer. By Studio Telescriptions. Studio Films INC, USA.
COUNT BASIE Swingin' the Blues, 1941 HOT big band swing jazz
COUNT BASIE Excerpts from the oddly titled Dance of the Gremlins (thanks to mfb25890 & mbdavis10025 for the song I.D.), and Swingin' the Blues, c. 1941. ...
Benny Goodman - Benny Goodman and Peggy Lee - Why Don t You Do Right
Artist: Peggy Lee Song: Why Don't You Do Right Album: Moments Like This Lyrics: You had plenty money, 1922 You let other women make a fool of you Why don't y...
Paul Whiteman
Victor 1920. I know there is already a video of this, but the quality isn't too good and the audio has somebody talking in the background. requests!
Swing (dance) - Swing fever
Swing it! this is from the movie swing fever from the 1940s.
Western Swing
In its formative years, LOST WEEKEND Western Swing Band was essentially an acoustic outfit, with the exception of Bobby Black's amplified steel guitar. Thi...
Ragtime — also spelled rag-time or rag time — is a musical genre that enjoyed its peak popularity between 1895 and 1918. Its cardinal trait is its syncopated, or "ragged," rhythm. It began as dance mu...
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Big band
A big band is a type of musical ensemble that originated in the United States and is associated with jazz and the Swing Era typically consisting of percussion, brass, and woodwind instruments totallin...
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Artie Shaw
Artie Shaw (born Arthur Jacob Arshawsky; May 23, 1910 – December 30, 2004) was an American clarinetist, composer, and bandleader. Also an author, Shaw wrote both fiction and non-fiction.Widely regarde...
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Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong (August 4, 1901 – July 6, 1971), nicknamed Satchmo or Pops, was an American jazz trumpeter, singer, and an influential figure in jazz music.Coming to prominence in the 1920s as an...
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Count Basie
William James "Count" Basie (August 21, 1904 – April 26, 1984) was an American jazz pianist, organist, bandleader, and composer. His mother taught him to play the piano and he started performing ...
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Cab Calloway
Cabell "Cab" Calloway III (December 25, 1907 – November 18, 1994) was a jazz singer and bandleader. He was strongly associated with the Cotton Club in Harlem, New York City, where he was a regular per...
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The Dorsey Brothers
The Dorsey Brothers were a studio group fronted by musicians Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey. They started recording under their name in 1928 with a series of studio recordings for the OKeh label (they had c...
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Harry Edison
Harry "Sweets" Edison (October 10, 1915 – July 27, 1999) was an American jazz trumpeter and member of the Count Basie Orchestra.
Born in Columbus, Ohio, Edison spent his early childhood in Louisvi...
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Roy Eldridge
David Roy Eldridge (January 30, 1911 – February 26, 1989), commonly known as Roy Eldridge, and nicknamed "Little Jazz", was an American jazz trumpet player. His sophisticated use of harmony, including...
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Duke Ellington
Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington (April 29, 1899 – May 24, 1974) was an American composer, pianist and bandleader of jazz orchestras. He led his orchestra from 1923 until his death, his career spanning...
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Benny Goodman
Benjamin David "Benny" Goodman (May 30, 1909 – June 13, 1986) was an American jazz and swing musician, clarinetist and bandleader, known as the "King of Swing".In the mid-1930s, Benny Goodman led one ...
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Coleman Hawkins
Coleman Randolph Hawkins (November 21, 1904 – May 19, 1969), nicknamed Hawk and sometimes "Bean", was an American jazz tenor saxophonist. One of the first prominent jazz musicians on his instrument, a...
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Johnny Hodges
John Cornelius "Johnny" Hodges (July 25, 1906 – May 11, 1970) was an American alto saxophonist, best known for solo work with Duke Ellington's big band. He played lead alto in the saxophone sect...
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Benny Carter
Bennett Lester "Benny" Carter (August 8, 1907 – July 12, 2003) was an American jazz alto saxophonist, clarinetist, trumpeter, composer, arranger, and bandleader. He was a major figure in jazz from the...
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