Sleight of hand
Sleight of hand (also known as prestidigitation or legerdemain) is methods and techniques used by performing artists in many art forms to entertain or manipulate. It is closely associated and often mi...
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Now You See Me 2 Best Stealing Scene In The Movie CardTrickScene
Now You See Me 2 The MOVIE Now You Can See me 2 Best Stealing Scene In The Movie After fleeing from a stage show, the illusionists (Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson) known as the Four Horsemen find...
Lior Suchard will have you see what you don't believe
How do you like this version of 3 card monty?
Ricky Jay - Amazing Card Trick/Manipulation - YouTube
Jun 9, 2007 ... 9:31. Watch Later Tim's Trip to USA - October 2013by Grand Illusions Featured 47,407; Mismag822 - The Card Trick Teacher 429 videos
Card Flourishes - Virtuoso : Test Room
Card Flourishes by Virtuoso at Experience the only deck designed for card flourishing now at Card Flourishes - Virt...
Dai Vernon
Dai Vernon performing cups and balls...
Juan Tamariz
Truco de magia del gran Tamariz. Aparecido en el documental Magia de Cerca.
Jeff McBride
jeff mcbride card manipulation.
Ricky Jay
The Master at work.
Penn and Teller Explain Sleight of Hand - YouTube
Dec 29, 2008 ... penn and teller show us the main principles of magic.
Dai Vernon Cups and Balls HIGH RES VERSION - YouTube
Mar 31, 2008 ... Dai Vernon performing cups and balls... ... Dai Vernon Cups and Balls HIGH RES VERSION. cardante979·28 videos. SubscribeSubscribed ...
Dai Vernon: The Spirit Of Magic - YouTube
Feb 29, 2012 ... "Dai Vernon: The Spirit Of Magic" Documentary about the life and work of magician Dai Vernon, aka "The Professor" (David Frederick Wingfield ...
Dai Vernon - YouTube
Oct 3, 2006 ... 2:51. Watch Later Memorize a Deck in SECONDS - Self Working!! - Magic Card tricks Revealedby Xavier Perret Featured 16,814; 42:29
Jeff Mcbride On Worlds Greatest Magic - YouTube
Feb 27, 2006 ... jeff mcbride card manipulation. ... Jeff McBride performing at Karnival in Las Vegas on 2/2/2011by Glenn Brogan18,236 views; 1:25:31
Jeff McBride 2009 Masks (Masters of Illusion) - YouTube
Jan 31, 2009 ... Master magician Jeff McBride performs a beautiful routine with some of his signature masks. This footage is from the first episode of the new ...
Card manipulation
Card manipulation is the branch of magical illusion that deals with creating effects using sleight of hand techniques involving playing cards. Card manipulation is often used in magical performances, ...
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Milton Kort
Milton Kort (1917–2003) was a professional pharmacist, but dabbled in sleight of hand.He was a hobbyist magician that seldom traveled outside the Detroit area and who rarely performed. Yet he was a ma...
The Acme of Control
The Acme of Control is a card trick in which the magician shows two cards, inserts them into the deck, allows the spectator to shuffle the deck, takes the deck back, and is then able to produce the tw...
Ambitious card
The Ambitious Card, or Elevator Card, is a magic effect in which a playing card seems to return to the top of the deck after being placed elsewhere in the middle of the deck. This is a classic effect...
Blackstone's Card Trick Without Cards
Blackstone's Card Trick Without Cards is a magic trick. As the trick requires only that a card is thought of, it does not require the use of a deck of cards.
A spectator is instructed to think of ...
Bottom dealing
Bottom dealing or "base dealing" is a sleight of hand technique in which the bottom card from a deck of playing cards is dealt instead of the top card. It is used in card illusions, and as a method of...
Card sharp
A card sharp (also spelled cardsharp, card shark or cardshark) is a person who uses skill and deception to win at poker or other card games. "Sharp" and "shark" spellings have varied over time and by ...
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Greg Frewin
Greg Frewin (born May 21, 1967 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) is an illusionist and "World Champion of Magic". His awards include First Place at the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM); The Go...
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Card throwing
Card throwing is the art of throwing standard playing cards with great accuracy and/or force. It is performed both as part of stage magic shows and as a competitive physical feat among magicians, wit...
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Lewis Ganson
Lewis Jack Ganson (1913 West Ham, Essex – 22 December 1980 Hampshire) was an English magician who become one of the most prolific writers in magic, going on to write more than sixty books on the subje...
Magic - Card Manipulation - An Ha Lim V329 - YouTube
Oct 20, 2011 ... Magic - Card Manipulation - An Ha Lim V329 ... Vanishing and Producing a Card -- Tenkai Palm Tutorialby Disturb Reality Featured 100,919 ...