PENA PALACE - Sintra - Portugal
PENNA PALACE - Sintra - Portugal
Peterhof (Petrodvorets), St. Petersburg
Peterhof (Petrodvorets), St. Petersburg, Russia Places & People
Buckingham Palace - The Queens Palaces Buckingham Palace
The Queen has three official residences - the best known, Buckingham Palace; the oldest, Windsor Castle; and the most romantic, Palace of Holyroodhouse. Amon...
Un jour à Versailles
Découvrez les coulisses du château de Versailles. Discover the Palace of Versailles behind-the-scenes.
Henry VIII's kitchens at Hampton Court Palace
The kitchens of Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace are the largest surviving Renaissance kitchens in Europe. Occupying nearly one third of the ground floor o...
Unfinished Business 03 Herrenchiemsee Palace
This time in our series on unfinished architectural projects we visit a palace that was not completed due to the untimely and controversial death of mad King Ludwig of Bavaria.
Hotel To Open At The Palace Of Versailles As Castle Needs Funding
For an overnight stay fit for a king or a queen, look no further than France's Palace of Versailles. More than seven million people visit the opulent gilded masterpiece each year, but that hasn't kept...
"Moscow Kremlin at Night"
360 spherical panorama. Inspired by his success we decided to shoot a panoramic photo of Moscow at night. Considering that there were no real helicopters allowed above the city of Moscow, we decided t...
Windsor Castle security farce as tourist wanders alone into private areas
The intruder set off a major alert when he entered an unlocked door in a restricted area at the Royal residence. The incident comes at a time when security officials are on heightened terror alert.
Inside Kremlin: What's hidden from public eye? (RT Documentary)
Take a trip to the heart of Russia! With the help of RT's correspondent Sophie Shevardnadze, you'll see parts of the Moscow Kremlin hidden from public view; ...
Queluz Palace
Photo tour of the beautiful 18th century Rococo style Quelez Palace & Gardens.
Photo Essay: Inside Castle Peles
If you find yourself northwest of Bucharest, Castle Peles is a must see.
Photos Essay: The Incredible Agra Fort
When visiting Agra, definitely spend time admiring the Taj Mahal, but ensure you have enough time to thoroughly explore the Agra Fort as well.
Palace of Fontainebleau | Destination Europe
As with most chateaux in France, the Chateau de Fontainebleau is spectacular and the gardens are beautiful. I think the gardens are usually free to visit and you can go inside the chateau for a small ...
History of the Palace of Versailles
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Residences of the Royal House of Savoy
The Residences of the Royal House of Savoy is a group of structures in Turin and its province, in Piedmont (northern Italy). Added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in 1997, it includes the fol...
Residences of the Royal House of Savoy - Wikipedia
Kremlin Hill
Kremlin Hill (Russian: Кремлёвский холм [Kremlyovskiy kholm]; former name Borovitsky Hill - Боровицкий холм [Borovitskiy kholm]; also known as Borovitskiy Cape - Боровицкий мыс [Borovitskiy mys]) is o...
Kremlin Hill - Wikipedia
Buen Retiro Palace
Buen Retiro Palace (Spanish: Palacio del Buen Retiro) in Madrid was a large palace complex designed by the architect Alonso Carbonell (c. 1590–1660) and built on the orders of Philip IV of Spain as a ...
Buen Retiro Palace - Wikipedia
Oatlands Palace
Oatlands Palace is a former Tudor and Stuart royal palace located between Weybridge and Walton on Thames in Surrey, England. The surrounding modern district of Oatlands takes its name from the palace....
Oatlands Palace - Wikipedia
Goldstein Palace
The Pałac Goldsteinów or Goldstein Palace is neo-renaissance palace, which was built by two brothers, Abraham and Joseph Goldstein. It is located in Katowice, Silesia, Poland, at the west end of the c...
Goldstein Palace - Wikipedia
Palace of Whitehall
0°7′32″W / 51.50444°N 0.12556°W / 51.50444; -0.12556The Palace of Whitehall (or Palace of White Hall) was the main residence of the English monarchs in London from 1530 until ...
Palace of Whitehall - Wikipedia
Jai Vilas Mahal
The Jai Vilas Mahal (or The Jai Vilas Palace) Hindi: जय विलास महल, is a nineteenth-century palace in Gwalior, India. It was established in 1874 by Jayajirao Scindia, the Maharaja of Gwalior and is...
Jai Vilas Mahal - Wikipedia
Presidential Palace, Zagreb
The Presidential Palace (Croatian: Predsjednički dvori, also referred to by the metonym Pantovčak) in Zagreb is the official residence of the President of Croatia. The president does not actually ...
Presidential Palace, Zagreb - Wikipedia