Radio programs
Radio is the radiation (wireless transmission) of electromagnetic signals through the atmosphere or free space. Information, such as sound, is carried by systematically changing (modulating) some prop...
This is a new level of stupidity!😂🤣
This is a new level of stupidity
Substitute Teacher
Back to school. Don't be insubordinate.
Driver Performs the Craziest U-Turn Ever
A skilful lorry driver performs the craziest U-Turn ever next to a cliff edge in China. The lorry driver performed an extreme U-Turn after going the wrong way across a mountain pass. This is their...
Moooood!! Boston fans this morning!...
Moooood!! Boston fans this morning!
4G cell service is coming to the Moon....
4G cell service is coming to the moon. (via @Seeker)
These commuters are implanting microchips...
These commuters are implanting microchips in their hands to replace train tickets.
10 Unforgettable Moments Caught on Live TV!
10 Unforgettable Moments Caught on Live TV
Australia Becomes First Country To Begin Microchipping Its Public
Australia may become the first country in the world to microchip its public. NBC news predicted that all Americans would be microchipped by 2017, but it seems Australia may have already beaten them to...
How Sun-Watchers Stopped World War III In 1967
As the Great Storm of 1967 interrupted radio and radar communications, scientists and military leaders scrambled to decipher the cause.
The Best 71 Second Animation You'll Watch Today
No good deed goes unpunished in this goofy short produced by HouseSpecial, a Portland-based animation studio. It's on the shorter side.
Amazing Resonance Experiment!
So this experiment is the Chladni plate experiment. I used a tone generator, a wave driver (speaker) and a metal plate attached to the speaker.
Spintop Snipers | Amazing Top Trick Shots!
This is next level trick shots using a top! Probably didn’t think you could do this with a spintop.
10 Things You Didn't Know Your Microwave Could Do!
Here are 10 simple tricks that you can use to turn your microwave into an awesome machine that you cannot live without! We've got bacon, donuts and even sponge
Repeating fast radio bursts found coming from outside our galaxy
Multiple short bursts of radio waves have been found coming from a single location far beyond the Milky Way Galaxy, Cornell astronomers have discovered. It's the first time researchers have found...
Tesla's Dream of Wireless Energy coming True: Scientists create a high-efficiency wireless power system
The revolutionary new technology brings is one step closer to the dream of Nikola Tesla and worldwide access to free wireless electricity Tesla was a creator, a scientific genius and an innovator. Amo...
Brokered programming
Brokered programming (also known as time-buy and blocktime) is a form of broadcast content in which the show's producer pays a radio or television station for air time, rather than exchanging programm...