Politics (from Greek: πολιτικός politikos, definition "of, for, or relating to citizens") is the practice and theory of influencing other people. More narrowly, it refers to achieving and exercising p...
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Donald Trump's nationalism is a patriotic appeal for unity
Donald Trump was recently criticized harshly for embracing nationalism, but the patriotic appeal for national unity and pride is what America needs.
Woodward Attacks CNN For Suing The WH Saying Media Figures Have Become 'Emotionally Unhinged'
Legendary journalist and author Bob Woodward is not joining his colleagues in their support of CNN’s Jim Acosta. Veuer's Nick Cardona has that story.
Tucker vs Antifa supporter: Are you really a professor?
Tucker takes on a pro-Antifa professor over free speech and violence of the Left and whether political violence is justified Tucker
'They Didn't Want a Flag': Protesters Vandalize Patriotic Mural Painted on NY Pizza Shop
As seen on The Ingraham Angle The owner of a pizzeria in New Paltz, New York, said protesters vandalized the American flag mural painted on the side of her building because they believed it represent...
You will NEVER TRUST a poll again AFTER watching this - the Media lies to influence elections TFNO
Over 10 full minutes of fake news polls put out by the biased, dishonest, left wing media trying to influence elections for Democrats... The only thing worse and more deceptive is fact checkers. The l...
WATCH 🔴 President Trump, First Lady Melania Meet, Handshake Putin at WWI Centennial in Paris, France
🔴 President Trump, First Lady Melania meet Russian Putin WWI Centennial in Paris hosted by French President Macron
Jim Acosta violated one of the oldest rules of journalism
By producing a split decision, the election that was supposed to end all elections turned out to be fairly predictable. But it’s the day after that was unlike any other. The Republican president,
Trump administration tightens immigration asylum rules
As the migrant caravan approaches the U.S. border, the president issues emergency national powers to limit the number of asylum claims; Trace Gallagher details the new policy. FOX News Channel (FNC) ...
Report: Mueller team preparing final report
National Review contributing editor Andrew McCarthy discusses why special counsel Robert Mueller should end his investigation.
Special Report: Jeff Sessions resigns as Attorney General
Following the receipt of a resignation letter from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, President Trump has announced that Matthew G. Whitaker, Chief of Staff to Sessions at the Department of Justice, will...
Ohio Electioneering: Election Off. Recommends Vote for Sherrod Brown I'm a Democrat, I'll admit it
Project Veritas Action Fund has released undercover video of an election official recommending a vote for Democrat Sherrod Brown November 6th Election. It is illegal for election officials to influenc...
GOP Triumph in Florida Leaves Democrats Terrified of 2020
Republicans appear to have swept the statewide races, making Florida a foreboding prospect for Democrats hoping to vote Trump out in 2020.
Scaramucci: Midterms a resounding victory for Trump
Former White House communications director says the president has hijacked the blue collar base from Democrats.
Political history
Political history is the narrative and analysis of political events, ideas, movements, organs of government, voters, parties and leaders. It is interrelated to other fields of history especially Diplo...
Political history of the world
The political history of the world is the history of the various political entities created by the human race throughout their existence and the way these states define their borders. Throughout histo...
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Political controversies
A political scandal is a kind of political corruption that is exposed and becomes a scandal, in which politicians or government officials are accused of engaging in various illegal, corrupt, or unet...
Political scandals
A political scandal is a kind of political corruption that is exposed and becomes a scandal, in which politicians or government officials are accused of engaging in various illegal, corrupt, or unet...
Political system
A political system is a system of politics and government. It is usually compared to the legal system, economic system, cultural system, and other social systems. However, this is a very simplified vi...
Political ideologies
Ideology, in the Althusserian sense, is "the imaginary relation to the real conditions of existence." It can be described as a set of conscious and unconscious ideas which make up one's goals, expecta...
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Political spectrum
A political spectrum is a system of classifying different political positions upon one or more geometric axes that symbolize independent political dimensions.Most long-standing spectra include a right...
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Political science
Political science is a social science discipline that deals with systems of government and the analysis of political activity and political behavior. It deals extensively with the theory and practice...
Political philosophy
Political philosophy is the study of topics such as politics, liberty, justice, property, rights, law, and the enforcement of a legal code by authority: what they are, why (or even if) they are needed...