Motoyuki Takabatake
Motoyuki Takabatake (高畠素之, Takabatake Motoyuki, 1886 – 1928) was a Japanese journalist and an activist who joined the small Japanese anarchist movement in his youth. During the Russian Re...
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Ōta Sukeyoshi (II)
Ōta Sukeyoshi (太田 資美, March 22, 1854 – December 28, 1913) was the 7th daimyō of Kakegawa Domain in Tōtōmi Province, (modern-day Shizuoka Prefecture) in Bakumatsu period Japan.
Ōta Sukeyo...
Katō Tomosaburō
Marshal-Admiral Viscount Katō Tomosaburō (加藤 友三郎, 22 February 1861 – 24 August 1923) was a career officer in the Imperial Japanese Navy, cabinet minister, and Prime Minister of Japan from 12 June ...
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Shimazu Hisamitsu
Prince Shimazu Hisamitsu (島津 久光, November 28, 1817 – December 6, 1887), also known as Shimazu Saburō (島津 三郎), was a Japanese samurai of the late Edo period. The younger brother of S...
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Prince Kitashirakawa Yoshihisa
Prince Kitashirakawa Yoshihisa (北白川宮能久親王, Kitashirakawa-no-miya Yoshihisa-shinnō, 1 April 1847 – 5 November 1895) of Japan, was the second head of a collateral branch of the Japanese im...
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Nabeshima Naotada
Viscount Nabeshima Naotada (鍋島 直紀, June 30, 1826 – February 23, 1891) was the 9th and final daimyō of Hasunoike Domain in Hizen Province, Kyūshū, Japan (modern-day Saga Prefecture). Before the Mei...
Inoue Kenkabō
Inoue Kenkabō (井上 剣花坊, July 1, 1870 – September 26, 1934) was the pen-name of a journalist and writer of senryū (short, humorous verse) in late Meiji, Taishō and early Shōwa period Japan. His real...
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Ōki Takatō
Ōki Takatō (大木 喬任, March 23, 1832 – September 26, 1899), was a Japanese statesman during the early Meiji period. He was Governor of Tokyo in 1868 and a member of the Privy Council in 1889. ...
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Nire Kagenori
Viscount Nire Kagenori (仁礼 景範, 6 April 1831 – 22 November 1900) was an admiral in the early Imperial Japanese Navy, and served as Navy Minister in the late 19th century.
Nire was born in...
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Sakuma Samata
General Count Sakuma Samata (佐久間 左馬太, 19 November 1844 – 5 August 1915) was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army, and 5th Governor-General of Taiwan from 11 April 1906 to May 1915.
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Beppu Shinsuke
Beppu Shinsuke (別府 晋介, 1847 – September 24, 1877) was a Japanese samurai of the late Edo period who became an officer in the Imperial Japanese Army. He was a samurai of the Satsuma Domain, and an ...
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Isaniwa Yukiya
Isaniwa Yukiya (伊佐庭如矢, Isaniwa Yukiya ) (1828–1907) was the first Mayor in Dogo Yunomachi (道後湯之町) which is famous for Dogo Onsen. He made today's Dogo Onsen while he was the Mayor. He thought...
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Komura Jutarō
Marquis Komura Jutarō, GCB, GCMG, GCVO (小村 壽太郎, September 16, 1855 – November 25, 1911) was a statesman and diplomat in Meiji period Japan.
Komura was born to a lower-ranking samurai family in...
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Takayama Chogyū
Takayama Chogyū (高山 樗牛, 28 February 1871 – 24 December 1902), real name Takayama Rinjirō, was the pen name of a Japanese author and literary critic. He influenced Japanese literature in the late M...
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Akashi Motojiro
Baron Akashi Motojirō (明石 元二郎, 1 September 1864 – 26 October 1919) was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army and the 7th Governor-General of Taiwan from 6 June 1918 to 26 October 1919.
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Etō Shimpei
Etō Shimpei (江藤 新平, March 18, 1834 – April 13, 1874), was a Japanese statesman during the early Meiji period, remembered chiefly for his role in the unsuccessful Saga Rebellion.
Etō was...
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Saigō Takamori
Saigō Takamori (Takanaga) (西郷 隆盛 (隆永), January 23, 1828 – September 24, 1877) was one of the most influential samurai in Japanese history, living during the late Edo Period and early Meiji Er...
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Katsu Kaishū
Count Katsu Kaishū (勝 海舟, March 12, 1823 – January 21, 1899) was a Japanese statesman, naval engineer during the Late Tokugawa shogunate and early Meiji period. Kaishū was a nickname which h...
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Hanabusa Yoshitada
Hanabusa Yoshitada (花房 義質, February 10, 1842 - July 9, 1917) was a Japanese politician, diplomat and peer.
Hanabusa was the eldest son of Hanabusa Tanren, a samurai retainer of Okayama Domain ...
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Kōno Togama
Viscount Kōno Togama (河野敏鎌, 29 November 1844 – 20 April 1895) was a statesman in Meiji period Japan.
Kōno was born in Kōchi, Tosa Province (present-day Kōchi Prefecture) as the eldest so...
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Asai Chū
Asai Chū (浅井 忠, July 22, 1856 – December 16, 1907) was a Japanese painter, noted for his pioneering work in developing the yōga (Western-style) art movement in late 19th century and early tw...
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Kuroda Kiyotaka
Count Kuroda Kiyotaka (黑田 清隆, November 9, 1840 – August 23, 1900), also known as Kuroda Ryōsuke (黑田 了介), was a Japanese politician of the Meiji era. He was the second Prime Minister of Japan f...
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Ōkubo Toshimichi
Ōkubo Toshimichi (大久保 利通, September 26, 1830 – May 14, 1878), was a Japanese statesman, a samurai of Satsuma, and one of the three great nobles who led the Meiji Restoration. He is regarded...
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Mori Arinori
Viscount Mori Arinori (森 有礼, August 23, 1847 – February 12, 1889) was a Meiji period Japanese statesman, diplomat, and founder of Japan's modern educational system.
Mori was born in the Satsu...
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