Museums in the United States
A list of museums in the United States by state. According to the American Alliance of Museums, there are at least 17,500 museums in the US.
Fortaleza San Felipe
Fortaleza San Felipe is a historic Spanish fortress located in the north of Dominican Republic in the province of Puerto Plata. Is also known as El Morro de San Felipe and was used to protect the City...
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Canadian Heritage Information Network
The Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) is a Government of Canada-supported organization that provides a networked interface to Canada's heritage. CHIN is a Special Operating Agency within th...
Columbus Lighthouse
Columbus Lighthouse (Spanish: Faro a Colón) is a monument located in Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic, in tribute to Christopher Columbus.Construction began in 1986 using plans drawn by Scot...
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Alcázar de Colón
The Alcázar de Colón, or Columbus Alcazar, located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, is the oldest Viceregal residence in America, and forms part of the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo World Herita...
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Museums in Guatemala
There is a wide variety of museums in Guatemala, with collections varying from pre-Columbian Mesoamerican artefacts to Spanish colonial art and collections of regional interest.
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