Madame Tussauds is making life-like robots of...
Madame Tussauds is making life-like robots of celebrities that visitors can interact with.
Busteni - Castelul Cantacuzino
Aerial filming/ timelaps. A few images from the last event that we was (wedding). COMING SOON the longer version... Equipment used: - DJI F550, go pro black edition (2.7k/30fps), no fpv for aerial fi...
Peterhof (Petrodvorets), St. Petersburg
Peterhof (Petrodvorets), St. Petersburg, Russia Places & People
Conserving Dürer’s Triumphal Arch
Dürer, born #onthisday in 1471, produced one of the largest prints ever – the Triumphal Arch for the Holy Roman Emperor. Altogether it’s nearly 3 meters tall and consists of 36 sheets of paper.
An Army Of Cats Protect One Of The Largest Museums in The World
An Army Of Cats Protect One Of The Largest Museums in The World
3D Art - "Superduperperspective" - Patrick Hughes - Birmingham Art Gallery
This is an amazing piece of 3D art where the closest part of the picture appears to be the furthest away, an optical illusion known as "Reverspective". As yo...
The scientific legacy of Dolly the Sheep
Twenty years ago, British scientists introduced the world to Dolly the sheep, the first mammal to be cloned using nuclear transfer. She only lived for seven ...
French soldier stops attack at the Louvre
Police: Suspect attacked soldier with machete
Constantin Brancusi and Richard Serra at Fondation Beyeler - YouTube | Constantin Brancusi & Richard Serra at Fondation Beyeler in Riehen, Switzerland, brings together two of the most important sculpto...
Lisbon Tiles museum
National Azulejo Museum is along the Tagus river, in direction of Oceanarium. The tiles are well presented, in chronological order. The museum is built in the Madre ...
Halloween Treat: A Night At Dracula’s Castle In Transylvania
Dracula’s castle will have overnight guests on Halloween, marking the first time since 1948 that anyone has slept in the Transylvanian fortress.
Un jour à Versailles
Découvrez les coulisses du château de Versailles. Discover the Palace of Versailles behind-the-scenes.
Enter the Deadliest Garden in the World
Locked behind black steel doors in Northumberland, England, the Poison Garden at Alnwick Castle grows around 100 infamous killers. From deadly nightshade to ...
Cloning Does Not Lead To Early Aging — Relatives Of Dolly Doing Well
Using relatives of Dolly the Sheep, scientists have found that cloned animals do not age faster than their non-cloned peers.
Was Antikythera Mechanism A 2,100-Year-Old Computer?
An ancient device thought to predict astronomical events may have been a computer built 21 centuries ago. Why did ancient Greeks build this machine?
Museums in England
Museums in England is a link page for any museum in England by ceremonial county. In 2011 there were around 1,600 museums in England. The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council is the national devel...
Museums in Germany
This is a list of museums and galleries in Germany.
British Museum
The British Museum is a museum dedicated to human history and culture, located in the Bloomsbury area of London.Its permanent collection, numbering some 8 million works, is among the largest and most ...
British Museum - Wikipedia
Hermitage Museum
The State Hermitage (Russian: Госуда́рственный Эрмита́ж; [gəsʊˈdarstvʲɪnɨj ɪrmʲɪˈtaʂ], Gosudarstvenny Ermitazh) is a museum of art and culture in Saint Petersburg, Russia. One of the largest and o...
Hermitage Museum - Wikipedia
Louvre Museum
The Louvre or the Louvre Museum (French: Musée du Louvre, [myze dy luvʁ]) is one of the world's largest museums and a historic monument. A central landmark of Paris, France, it is located on the R...
Louvre Museum - Wikipedia
Municipal Art Gallery of Ioannina
Municipal Art Gallery of Ioannina is a museum in Ioannina, Greece.