OMAR Mine Museum
Located in Kabul, Afghanistan, the OMAR Mine Museum contains a collection of 51 types of land mines out of the 53 used in Afghanistan over the years. OMAR is an acronym for the Organization for Mine C...
Museum of Islamic Art, Ghazni
The Museum of Islamic Art is a museum located in Ghazni, Afghanistan. It is located in Rauza, a suburb of Ghazni. The museum was first opened by the Italian Archaeological Mission in 1966 in the resto...
List of museums in Afghanistan
This is a list of museums in Afghanistan by city.
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Nangarhar Provincial Museum
The Nangarhar Provincial Museum is a museum located in Hadda, Afghanistan.
National Museum of Afghanistan
69°07′12″E / 34.46750°N 69.12000°E / 34.46750; 69.12000The National Museum of Afghanistan (Persian: موزیم ملی افغانستان, Muzem-e milli-ye Afghanistan; Pashto: د افغانستان ...
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Jihad Museum
The Jihad Museum is located in the western provincial capital of Herat in Afghanistan. It was built in 2010 as a place for Afghans to understand past conflicts and their history. Since its opening, ...
Kandahar Provincial Museum
The Kandahar Provincial Museum is a museum located in Kandahar, Afghanistan.
Herat National Museum
The Herat National Museum is a museum located in Herat, Afghanistan. It was established in 1925 by order of King Amānullāh.