Museums by country
This list of museums is defined for this context as institutions (including nonprofit organizations, government entities, and private businesses) that collect and care for objects of cultural, artisti...
History of the Palace of Versailles
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Visit the Louvre Museum
Vidéo en français : How well do you really know the most famous museum in the world? In the heart of the former home of the King'...
Butylka (Transnistria)
Butylka (Russian for bottle) is the name of a museum and hotel, sometimes also called the Spirit Museum Hotel. It is located in the village Tîrnauca (Ternovka), 10 km from Tiraspol, the capital of Tra...
Museu da Tabanka
The Museu da Tabanka or Tabanca is a special museum in Assomada in the central part of the island of Santiago in Cape Verde that is related with music, notably the tabanka. The building was built by t...
Museums in Burma
This is a list of museums in Burma.For museums in Yangon, see List of museums in Yangon.
Kissidougou Ethnology Museum
Kissidougou Ethnology Museum is a museum in Kissidougou, Guinea. It contains a collection related to the prehistory and ethnology of Guinea, with a collection of art, masks and fetishes.
List of museums in South Korea
There are over 500 museums and galleries in South Korea.
List of museums in Libya
Libya has a long history and has been in contact with many other civilizations, from pre-historic age to the modern age, passing through so many ages such as: Garamantes, Greek, Roman, Islamic and man...
Three Revolution Exhibition
The Three Revolution Exhibition is a museum located in North Korea. The exhibition primarily showcases the three revolutions of Kim Il Sung, the ideological, technical,and cultural. It is in the Ryonm...
Kandt House Museum of Natural History
Kandt House Museum of Natural History is a museum in Kigali, Rwanda. It is under the responsibility of the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda.Dedicated to Richard Kandt de:Richard Kandt, in his ...
National Museum of the Faroe Islands
Føroya Fornminnissavn (English: National Museum of the Faroe Islands) is the national museum of the Faroe Islands, located in Tórshavn.
The National Museum of the Faroe Islands has exhibitions in ...
Mankon Museum
The Mankon Museum is an art and cultural museum located in Mankon-Bamenda, Cameroon.