Museums in North Korea
This is a list of museums in North Korea.
List of museums in South Korea
There are over 500 museums and galleries in South Korea.
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African Window
The African Window is a building in Pretoria, Gauteng, which houses the Ditsong National Museum of Cultural History (DNMCH) of South Africa. The DNMCH was amalgamated with the Pretoria-based Transvaal...
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Time Tunnel (museum)
The TIME TUNNEL is Malaysia’s first memorabilia museum. Located in Brinchang, it is recognised as one of the main attractions of the Cameron Highlands. It is approximately 90 kilometres (56 mi) f...
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Koller Gallery
The Koller Gallery is the oldest private gallery in Hungary (founded in 1953) and is situated in the Castle District of Budapest. On the top floor of the three storey atelier-house the memorial room f...
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The SantralIstanbul (Turkish: Santralİstanbul), opened in 2007, is an arts and cultural complex located at the upper end of Golden Horn in the Eyüp district of Istanbul, Turkey. The center, consis...
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Boganda National Museum
The Boganda National Museum is a national museum of the Central African Republic. It is located in the capital, Bangui.
18°34′37″E / 4.36411°N 18.57698°E / 4.36411; 18.576...
Abasuba Community Peace Museum
34°03′28″E / 0.4528°S 34.0579°E / -0.4528; 34.0579The Abasuba Community Peace Museum, established in 2000, is located in Kenya, Homa Bay County, Suba North District, Mfangano ...
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The Louvre or the Louvre Museum (French: Musée du Louvre, [myze dy luvʁ]) is one of the world's largest museums and a historic monument. A central landmark of Paris, France, it is located on the R...
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