CEThe Mannaeans /məˈniːənz/ (country name usually Mannea; Akkadian: Mannai, possibly Biblical Minni, מנּי) were an ancient people who lived in the territory of present-day northwestern Iran south of ...
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Teppe Hasanlu
Teppe Hasanlu or Tappeh Hassanlu (Persian: تپه حسنلو) is an archeological site of an ancient city located in northwest Iran (in the province of West Azerbaijan), a short distance south of Lake Urmia. ...
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‏‏Sidekan also called Bradost, a vast sub-district belongs to Soran District (Diana-Rawanduz) north of Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, with 250 villages, and population of less than 15000. the exact number ...
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Muṣaṣir (Armenian: Մուծածիր, Assyrian Mu-ṣa-ṣir and variants, including Mutsatsir, Akkadian for Exit of the Serpent/Snake ), in Urartian Ardini (likely from Armenian Artin) was an ancient city o...
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Iranzu was an important king of Mannae.King Iranzu died in 716 BC (estimated). His son Aza was already occupying the throne at the time and was Iranzu's successor.
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