Historical documents
Historical documents are documents that contain important information about a person, place, or event.Most famous historical documents are either laws, accounts of battles (often given by the victors ...
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US Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Tells Egyptians Don't Look to The Old US Constitution
US Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Tells Egyptians Don't Look to The Old US Constitution When You Write Yours
Ed Rollins: The FBI is not an independent agency
Get in Line - Ed Rollins: The FBI is not an independent agency – it needs to know it answers to President Donald J. Trump! Listen below!
Mark Levin talks 'Rediscovering Americanism'
Author speaks out on 'Fox & Friends'
Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have A Dream Speech - YouTube
Martin Luther King, Jr., (January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968) was born Michael Luther King, Jr., but later had his name changed to Martin. His grandfather began ...
Amy Goodman Is Facing Prison For Reporting On The Dakota Access Pipeline. That Should Scare Us All.
This Monday morning, shortly after the sun rises over the small city of Mandan, North Dakota, the award-winning journalist, and host of Democracy Now!, Amy Goodman will walk into the Morton County–Man...
The Fourth Of July, Brought To You By Belgium, Brazil And China
Why foreign direct investment is as American as apple pie. The Fourth of July is coming up. What could be more American than to pop a cold Budweiser, put a hot dog on the grill, slather it with Heinz ...
4th Of July: Nine Myths Debunked
Many stories of U.S. independence turn out to be more 4th of July fiction than fact—and "National Treasure" isn't the only culprit.
9 Things You May Not Know About The Declaration Of Independence
As people across the United States celebrate the nation’s birthday, explore nine surprising facts about the founding document adopted on July 4, 1776.
SIMON PARKES ~ The Project Avalon Interview 2016 HD
Welcome to the Project Avalon Forum interview with contactee and experiencer Simon Parkes — who himself is a longstanding and highly respected Avalon member.
Smithsonian Museum: Jefferson's handmade bible
Thomas Jefferson was a great fan of Jesus and called him “the greatest of all the Reformers," a font of "eloquence and fine imagination," and the author of "a system of the most sublime morality which...
Putin Upholds Nazi-Soviet Pact To Carve Up Eastern Europe
In the midst of VE Day 70th anniversary commemorations in Europe and around the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin has publicly upheld the famous pact that the then Soviet Union made with Nazi Ge...
Mormon church releases photos of ‘seer stone’ used by founder Joseph Smith
The Mormon church for the first time is publishing photos of 'the seer stone' it believes founder Joseph Smith used to help translate the story that became the basis of the religion.
High security as four Magna Carta manuscripts united for first time
The four surviving copies of the 1215 Magna Carta have gone on display in London to mark the landmark document's 800th anniversary.
Gene Autry
Melody Ranch Show.
Founding Fathers Clip from History Channel This clip is meant to promote education, patriotism, and advertise for the History Channel.
Treaty of Versailles
The 6 months from the end of WWI to the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.
An encyclical was originally a circular letter sent to all the churches of a particular area in the ancient Roman Church. At that time, the word could be used for a letter sent out by any bishop. Th...
Papal bull
A papal bull is a particular type of letters patent or charter issued by a Pope of the Catholic Church. It is named after the lead seal (bulla) that was appended to the end in order to authenticate it...
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Golden Bull
A golden bull or chrysobull was a golden ornament representing a seal (a bulla aurea or "golden seal" in Latin), attached to a decree issued by Byzantine Emperors and later by monarchs in Europe durin...
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Political charters
A charter is the grant of authority or rights, stating that the granter formally recognizes the prerogative of the recipient to exercise the rights specified. It is implicit that the granter retains s...
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The Cloud of Unknowing
The Cloud of Unknowing (Middle English: The Cloude of Unknowyng) is an anonymous work of Christian mysticism written in Middle English in the latter half of the 14th century. The text is a spiritual g...
Vox in excelso
Vox in excelso is the name of a Papal Bull issued by Pope Clement V in 1312. The directives given within the Bull were to formally dissolve the Order of the Knights Templar, effectively removing Papal...
The Hebrew term Abaddon (Hebrew: אֲבַדּוֹן‎, 'Ǎḇaddōn), and its Greek equivalent Apollyon (Greek: Ἀπολλύων, Apollyon), appear in the Bible as both a place of destruction and an angel. In the...
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Abyss (religion)
In religion, an abyss is a bottomless pit, or also a chasm that may lead to the underworld, the ocean floor or hell. In the Septuagint, or Greek version of the Hebrew Bible, the word represents both t...
Alpha and Omega
Alpha (alpha (Α or α)) and Omega (omega (Ω or ω)), are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, and an appellation of Christ or of God in the Book of Revelation. This couple of letters are ...
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Vocabulario en lengua castellana y mexicana
Vocabulario en lengua castellana y mexicana is a bilingual dictionary of Spanish and Nahuatl by Alonso de Molina, first published in 1571. It has approximately 23,600 entries, and grew out of his earl...
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The Antichrist is primarily a Christian concept based on interpretation of passages in the New Testament, in which the term "antichrist" occurs five times in 1 John and 2 John, once in plural form and...
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Antipas of Pergamum
Many Christian traditions believe Saint Antipas to be the Antipas referred to in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 2:13) as the "faithful martyr" of Pergamon, "where Satan dwells". According ...
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Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine
The Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine required Bulgaria to cede various territories, after Bulgaria had been one of the Central Powers defeated in World War I. The treaty was signed on 27 November 1919 at N...
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