Turkish Wheelchair Basketball Fans Brawl At German Game With Knives And Bats
A brawl at a wheelchair basketball match in Germany between rival Turkish supporters leaves seven fans needing treatment in hospital.
Paralympics 2012: Wheelchair Basketball - YouTube
Aug 31, 2012 ... On the eve of the opening ceremony of the Paralympic games, the Wheelchair Basketball players from Team USA and Team GB took part in a ...
Rumble vs Mob [Full Game] SlamBall - S1 - YouTube
Apr 27, 2012 ... You want hard-hitting SlamBall, look no further than the sport's original rivalry, the Mob and the Rumble.
Slam Ball - Top Plays - YouTube
Jan 3, 2009 ... What do you get when you mix the sport of basketball and trampolines? SLAM BALL.
Netherlands v Czech Republic - Korfball World Championships ...
May 13, 2010 ... Semi-Final of the IKF Korfball World Championships 2007 in Brno.
NBA All-Star Weekend H-O-R-S-E Competition
The NBA All-Star H–O–R–S–E Competition (also called the NBA All–Star G–E–I–C–O Competition because of its sponsor, Geico Insurance) was a National Basketball Association (NBA) contest which began at t...
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Turkish Wheelchair Basketball Fans Brawl At German Game With Knives And Bats
A brawl at a wheelchair basketball match in Germany between rival Turkish supporters leaves seven fans needing treatment in hospital.
Real (manga)
Real (Japanese: リアル, Hepburn: Riaru, stylized as REAL) is a manga series written and illustrated by Takehiko Inoue that deals with wheelchair basketball. It has been serialized in Week...
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Hotshot (game)
Hotshot is a basketball shooting game. Played mainly in New England, hotshot may be played by one or more players. Hotshot is unique in that it is easy to provide handicaps for less experienced player...
Slashers (slamball team)
The Slashers are one of six teams currently competing in SlamBall.
The Slashers and 3 others joined the Rumble and Mob in the first ever Slamball season. They failed to make the playoffs but in 20...
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Super Shot
A mini-basketball game found in many arcades, Super Shot consists of a basket that usually moves back and forth, and four to five basketballs to shoot. There are four different modes which affects th...
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Water basketball
Water basketball is a water sport, which mixes the rules of basketball and water polo, played in a swimming pool. Teams of five players each must shoot at the goal with a ball within a certain time af...
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Korfball (Dutch: Korfbal) is a ball sport, with similarities to netball and basketball. It has a mixed-gender league and an all-women league, but no all-men league. It is played by two teams of ei...
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National Wheelchair Basketball Association
National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) is composed of 181 wheelchair basketball teams within twenty-two conferences. Founded in 1949 by Tim Nugent, the NWBA today consists of men's, women's...
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Six-on-six basketball
Six-on-six basketball or basquette is a largely archaic variant of women's basketball. It is played with the same rules as regular basketball, with the following exceptions:Today, nearly all women's ...
FJEP Bonson
FJEP Bonson, is an amateur Korfball club from Bonson, France. The club has dominated French korfball since the 2004/05 season. In the nineties they also won several national titles.
Player / Head ...
Horseball is a game played on horseback where a ball is handled and points are scored by shooting it through a hoop (diameter 1m). The sport is like a combination of polo, rugby, and basketball. It i...
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Guy Cobb
Guy Franke Cobb (born October 27, 1963) is an American artist born in St. Louis, Missouri, United States.
Cobb left college and joined his brother's "acrobatic group, The Bud Light Daredevils." T...
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Ken Carter
Kenny Ray Carter is an American business owner, education activist and former high school basketball coach. Carter attended college at San Francisco State, then Contra Costa College, and finally Georg...
Hombres (slamball team)
The Hombres are one of six teams currently competing in Slamball, previously known as the Diablos.
The Hombres (originally the Diablos) competed in the inaugural season of Slamball along with the ...
Kronum is a sport which was invented in 2008 by Bill Gibson in Villanova, Pennsylvania. It is played only in the United States, with professional league games taking place in Philadelphia. Gibson dec...
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IKF World Korfball Ranking
The IKF World Korfball Ranking is the ranking for national korfball teams, done by the International Korfball Federation.
Rezball, short for "reservation ball," is the avidly followed Native American version of basketball, particularly a style of play specific to Native American teams of some areas.
Rezball is transi...