Flemish painting
Flemish painting flourished from the early 15th century until the 17th century. Flanders delivered the leading painters in Northern Europe and attracted many promising young painters from neighbouring...
Dutch and Flemish Renaissance painting
Flemish painting of early Renassaince.
Early Netherlandish painting
Jan and Hubert van Eyck: The Ghent Altarpiece - Cathedral of St. Bavon.
Flemish Baroque painting
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Art of the Low Countries
Flemish painting of early Renassaince.
Jan Mabuse
Création Visuelle inspirée de l'oeuvre du peintre Jan Gossaert dit Mabuse, accompagnée d'une musique d'époque retravailler électroniquement.
Jan van Eyck
Jan van Eyck (Maaseik, 1390 körül Brugge, 1441) flamand festo, a korai németalföldi festészet egyik legkiemelkedobb alakja. A francia-burgund-flamand könyvfe...
Early Netherlandish painting
Early Netherlandish painting refers to the work of artists, sometimes known as the Flemish Primitives, active in the Burgundian and Habsburg Netherlands during the 15th- and 16th-century Northern Rena...
Flemish literature
Flemish literature is literature from Flanders, historically a region comprising parts of present-day Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Until the early 19th century, this literature was regarded a...
Balthasar-Paul Ommeganck
Balthasar Paul Ommeganck (sometimes also: Paul Balthasar Ommeganck) (1755–1826) was a Flemish painter of landscapes and animals. Through his work and his role as a teacher he gave an important impetu...
Jean-Baptiste De Jonghe
Jan Baptiste (or Jean-Baptiste) De Jonghe (8 January 1785 – 14 October 1844) was a Belgian landscape painter, born at Courtrai in 1785. He studied under Balthasar Paul Ommeganck, and travelled i...