European music
The culture of Europe is rooted in the art, architecture, music, literature, and philosophy that originated from the European cultural region.
The oldest known cave paintings are at the El Castill...
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Cristian Măcelaru im Porträt | WDR Sinfonieorchester
Cristian Măcelaru wird mit Beginn der Spielzeit 2019/2020 der neue Chefdirigent des WDR Sinfonieorchesters. In Rumänien geboren, hat er bisher überwiegend in den USA gearbeitet - mit sehr großem Erfol...
Jacqueline du Pré - Dvořák Cello Concerto – London Symphony Orchestra cond. Daniel Barenboim
Cello Concerto in B minor, Op. 104, B. 191 by Antonín Dvořák A recently re-discovered recording of a concert held in tribute to the people of Czechoslovakia days after the Soviet Union invaded. Filme...
The HU - Yuve Yuve Yu
The official music video for The HU's Yuve Yuve Yu Available on Nature Sound Records Tengeriin Gadas Film Connect: https://www.facebo...
The HU - Wolf Totem
The official music video for The HU's Wolf Totem Available on Nature Sound Records Tengeriin Gadas Film Connect: https://www.facebook...
Dior: From Paris to the World exhibition
Discover Dior: From Paris to the World in video, the exhibition that turns an unprecedented spotlight on the House’s heritage and its global impact and influences, running until March 3rd at the Denve...
Marbles, Magnets, and Music (Synchronized)
I've taken the piece Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky
Brooklyn Bridge opens - May 24, 1883
On this day in History, Brooklyn Bridge opens on May 24, 1883. Learn more about what happened today on History.
Ilinca ft. Alex Florea - Yodel It! (Romania) Eurovision 2017 - Official Music Video
Ilinca ft Alex Florea will represent Romania at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv with the song Yodel It!
Som Sabadell flashmob - BANCO SABADELL
On the 130th anniversary of the founding of Banco Sabadell we wanted to pay homage to our city by means of the campaign "Som Sab...
Tomaso Albinoni - Adagio (best live version)
Copernicus Chamber Orchestra, Horst Sohm (conducting/Leitung) Tomaso Albinoni - Adagio en sol menor, in G minor, Live in concert - Festival de Musica de L´Escala Concerts Clàssics L'Escala-Empúries ...
Albert Einstein Facts: 51 Things You Didn't Know About Einstein
Amazing Albert Einstein facts and things you didn't know. Here are some amazing and little-known facts about life of one of the greatest minds of our time.
Beethoven - Triple Concerto - Chorfantasie
Orquesta Filarmónica de Berlín. Chor der Deutshen Straatsoper. Itzhak Perlman, Daniel Barenboim, Yo-Yo Ma.
Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No 1 - Martha Argerich
Martha Argerich, piano - Charles Dutoit, conductor Orchestre de la Suisse Romande 1975
Eurovision Song Contest Winners (1956-2016) - YouTube
Eurovision Song Contest Winners (1956-2016) All Eurovision Song Contest Winners (1956-2016) Year Song Artist Country 2016 1944 Jamala Ukraine 2015 Heroes Man...
Physicists Prove Classical Music Inhabits Separate Realm, Inaccessible To Humans
Physicists released a report Wednesday revealing that classical music exists in a field of reality entirely removed from 4D spacetime.
European art
The art of Europe encompasses the history of visual art in Europe. European prehistoric art started as mobile rock, and cave painting art, and was characteristic of the period between the Paleolithic ...
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Western painting
The history of Western painting represents a continuous, though disrupted, tradition from antiquity until the present time. Until the mid-19th century it was primarily concerned with representational ...
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History of architecture
The history of architecture traces the changes in architecture through various traditions, regions, overarching stylistic trends, and dates. The branches of architecture are civil, sacred, naval, mili...
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European cinema
Cinema of Europe refers to the film industries and films produced in the continent of Europe.Europeans were the pioneers of the motion picture industry, with several innovative engineers and artists m...
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History of video games
The history of video games goes as far back as the early 1950s, when academics began designing simple games, simulations, and artificial intelligence programs as part of their computer science researc...
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History of science
The history of science is the study of the historical development of science and scientific knowledge, including both the natural sciences and social sciences. (The history of the arts and humanities ...
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Religion in Europe
Religion in Europe has been a major influence on today's society art, culture, philosophy and law. The largest religion in Europe for at least a millennium and a half has been Christianity. Three coun...
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European cuisine
European cuisine, or alternatively Western cuisine, is a generalised term collectively referring to the cuisines of Europe and other Western countries, including (depending on the definition) that of ...
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History of clothing and textiles
The study of the history of clothing and textiles traces the availability and use of textiles and other materials and the development of technology for the making of clothing over human history. The w...
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History of Western fashion
The history of Western fashion is the story of the changing fashions in clothing for men and women in Europe and other countries under influence of the Western world, from the 12th century to the pr...
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Sport in Europe
Sport in Europe tends to be highly organized with many sports having professional leagues.The origins of many of the world's most popular sports today lie in the codification of many traditional games...
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European Capital of Culture
Locations of European Capitals of Culture.Green designates current cities; red is past cities; blue is future cities.The European Capital of Culture is a city designated by the European Union for a pe...
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