Hieronymus Bosch Is Credited With Work In Kansas City Museum
A 16th-century depiction of St. Anthony that had been attributed to the workshop of Bosch or a follower is now thought to be by the Dutch master’s hand. The painting, “The Temptation of St. Anthony,” ...
Dutch Golden Age painting
2.5D animation / Dutch Golden Age painting / by Alicia7777777 / made in Wonderland ;) ------- Gabriel Metsu (January 1629, Leiden - buried October 24, 1667, ...
Dutch Golden Age painting
The Dutch Golden Age painting is the painting of the Dutch Golden Age, a period in Dutch history generally spanning the 17th century, during and after the later part of the Eighty Years' War (1568–164...
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Hieronymus Bosch Is Credited With Work In Kansas City Museum
A 16th-century depiction of St. Anthony that had been attributed to the workshop of Bosch or a follower is now thought to be by the Dutch master’s hand. The painting, “The Temptation of St. Anthony,” ...
Reyer van Blommendael
Reyer Jacobsz van Blommendael (27 June 1628 (baptised) – 23 November 1675) was a Dutch Golden Age painter from Haarlem.
He entered the Guild of that city in 1662, and was buried in the St. B...
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Salomon Koninck
Salomon (de) Koninck (1609 - buried 8 August 1656) was a Dutch painter of genre scenes and portraits, and an engraver.Koninck was born in Amsterdam, the son of a goldsmith, originally from Antwerp, an...
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Philip Galle
Philip (or Philips) Galle (1537 – March 1612) was a Dutch publisher, best known for publishing the old master prints, which he also produced as designer and engraver. He is especially known for his re...
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Theodor Matham
Theodor Matham, also Theodoor Matham (1589 Haerlem -) was a Dutch engraver. He was the younger son of the better known engraver Jacob Matham, and the brother of the engravers Jan and Adriaen Matham.He...
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Bonaventura van Overbeek
Bonaventura van Overbeek (1660–1705) was a Dutch Golden Age draughtsman and engraver.
Overbeek was born and died in Amsterdam. According to Houbraken, he drew the Roman ruins from life and,...
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Tylman van Gameren
Tylman van Gameren, also Tilman or Tielman and Tylman Gamerski, (Utrecht, July 3, 1632 – c. 1706, Warsaw) was a Dutch-born Polish architect and engineer who, at the age of 28, settled in Poland and w...
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Hendrik Hondius I
Hendrik Hondius I, Henricus Hondius I or Hendrik Hondius the Elder (Latinised form of 'Hendrik de Hondt', first name also spelled: 'Hendrick') (1573–1650), was a Flemish-born and trained engraver, car...
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Hendrick de Keyser
Hendrick de Keyser (15 May 1565 – 15 May 1621) was a Dutch sculptor and architect born in Utrecht, Netherlands, who was instrumental in establishing a late Renaissance form of Mannerism in Amsterdam. ...
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Job Adriaenszoon Berckheyde
Job Adriaenszoon Berckheyde (27 January 1630 – before 23 November 1693) was a Dutch artist of the 17th century, active in Haarlem, Amsterdam, and The Hague.
Job Berckheyde was born in Haarle...
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Jan Gillisz van Vliet
Jan Gillisz van Vliet (1605 – 1668), was a Dutch Golden Age painter and Rembrandt pupil, whose paintings are no longer attributed to him with any certainty. Today he known only for his drawings ...
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Hendrick Danckerts
Hendrick Danckerts (c.1625 - 1680) was a Dutch Golden Age landscape painter and engraver.
Danckerts was born in The Hague, where he learned his trade and remained until 1653. He visited England fo...
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Jacob de Gheyn II
Jacob de Gheyn II (also Jacques de Gheyn II) (c. 1565 – March 29, 1629) was a Dutch painter and engraver, whose work shows the transition from Northern Mannerism to Dutch realism over the course...
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Cornelis Danckerts de Ry
Cornelis Danckerts de Ry (1561–1634) was a Dutch Golden Age architect and sculptor.
Danckerts was born and died in Amsterdam. According to the RKD he was the son of the architect Cornelis D...
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Constantijn à Renesse
Constantijn à Renesse (1626 – 1680), was a Dutch Golden Age painter and pupil of Rembrandt.
He was born in Maarssen to the son of Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange's military chaplain. He mo...
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Salomon de Bray
Salomon de Bray (1597 – 11 May 1664) was a Dutch Golden Age architect and painter.
De Bray was born in Amsterdam, but established himself in Haarlem before 1617, where he is registered as bei...
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Boetius à Bolswert
Boetius à Bolswert (also Boetius Adamsz Bolswert, Bodius; c. 1585, – late 1633) was a renowned copper-plate engraving engraver of Friesland origin. In his time the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens calle...
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Jacob Matham
Jacob Matham (15 October 1571 – 20 January 1631), of Haarlem, was a famous engraver and pen-draftsman.
He was the stepson and pupil of painter and draftsman Hendrik Goltzius, and brother-in-law to...
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Ferdinand Bol
Ferdinand Bol (24 June 1616 – 24 August 1680) was a Dutch artist, etcher, and draftsman. Although his surviving work is rare, it displays Rembrandt's influence; like his master, Bol favored hist...
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Otto van Veen
Otto van Veen, also known by his Latinized name Otto Venius or Octavius Vaenius, (c.1556 – 6 May 1629) was a painter, draughtsman, and humanist active primarily in Antwerp and Brussels in the late six...
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Abraham van Diepenbeeck
Abraham van Diepenbeeck (9 May 1596 (baptised) - May-Sept. 1675) was an erudite and accomplished Dutch painter of the Flemish School.
Van Diepenbeeck was baptised in 's-Hertogenbosch. After havin...
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Christoffel van Sichem
Christoffel van Sichem (1581, Basel – 1658, Amsterdam), was a Dutch Golden Age woodcutter and engraver.
According to the RKD he made woodcuts of famous people after his father, Christoffel v...
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Reinier van Persijn
Reinier van Persijn (1615 – 23 November 1668) was a Dutch Golden Age engraver of portraits and bookplates.
According to Houbraken, who called him Reynier van Parzyn, he was married to the gr...
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Lambert Visscher
Lambert Visscher (1633, Haarlem – after 1690, Italy), was a Dutch Golden Age printmaker.
According to Houbraken he was the brother of Jan and Cornelis who became a renowned engraver and trav...
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