Cornelis Danckerts de Ry
Cornelis Danckerts de Ry (1561–1634) was a Dutch Golden Age architect and sculptor.
Danckerts was born and died in Amsterdam. According to the RKD he was the son of the architect Cornelis D...
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Salomon de Bray
Salomon de Bray (1597 – 11 May 1664) was a Dutch Golden Age architect and painter.
De Bray was born in Amsterdam, but established himself in Haarlem before 1617, where he is registered as bei...
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Tylman van Gameren
Tylman van Gameren, also Tilman or Tielman and Tylman Gamerski, (Utrecht, July 3, 1632 – c. 1706, Warsaw) was a Dutch-born Polish architect and engineer who, at the age of 28, settled in Poland and w...
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Pieter de Keyser
Pieter de Keyser (c.1595 - 15 September 1676 (buried)) was a Dutch Golden Age architect (bouwmeester) and sculptor. He followed in the footsteps of his father Hendrick de Keyser and completed a number...
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Philips Vingboons
Philips Vingboons (or Vinckboons, Vinckeboons, Vinckbooms) (c. 1607 – 2 October 1678) was a Dutch architect. He was part of the school of Jacob van Campen, that is, Dutch Classicism. Vingboons was es...
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Pieter Post
Pieter Jansz Post (1 May 1608 – buried 8 May 1669) was a Dutch Golden Age architect, painter and printmaker.
Post was baptised in Haarlem, the son of a stained-glass painter and the older br...
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Justus Vingboons
Justus Vingboons (or Vinckboons, Vinckeboons) (c. 1620 – c. 1698) was an Amsterdam architect. He was the brother of the better-known architect Philips Vingboons. Like his brother, Justus built in the...
Dirck de Bray
Dirck de Bray (Haarlem, ca. 1635 – Goch, 1694) was a Dutch Golden Age painter.
According to Houbraken he was a multi-talented son and pupil of the painter and architect Salomon de Bray. He ...
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Lieven de Key
Lieven de Key (1560 — July 17, 1627) was a famous Dutch renaissance architect in the Netherlands, mostly known today for his works in Haarlem.
De Key was born in Ghent, and was already a wel...
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Simon Bosboom
Simon Bosboom (1614, Emden – 1662, Amsterdam), was a Dutch Golden Age architect and writer.
He was active as an architect in England and Germany, before working on an almshouse for the city ...
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Daniël Stalpaert
Daniël Stalpaert or Daniel Stalpert (1615, Amsterdam - buried 3 December 1676, Amsterdam), was a Dutch architect who worked on the new town hall of Amsterdam, now the Royal Palace.
He was appointe...
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Bartholomeus van Bassen
Bartholomeus Corneliszoon van Bassen (1590–1652) was a Dutch Golden Age painter and architect.
Van Bassen was the illegitimate son of Cornelis van Bassen and the grandson of Bartholt Ernst v...
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Maurits Post
Maurits Post (ca. December 10, 1645, Haarlem - June 6, 1677, The Hague) was a Dutch Golden Age architect.
Post was the son of the architect Pieter Post, and was probably his assistant, as he took ...
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Jacob van Campen
Jacob van Campen (February 2, 1596 - September 13, 1657), was a Dutch artist and architect of the Golden Age.
He was born into a wealthy family at Haarlem, and spent his youth in his home town. Be...
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Adriaan Dortsman
Adriaan Dortsman (1635, Vlissingen – 1682, Amsterdam), was a Dutch Golden Age architect of Amsterdam.
According to the RKD he moved to Amsterdam in 1667 and is known for drawings and archite...
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Willem de Keyser (architect)
Willem Hendrickszoon de Keyser (1603 - after 1674) was a Dutch Golden Age architect and sculptor primarily active in Amsterdam and London. He designed the Oudezijds Huiszittenhuis in Amsterdam and the...
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Hendrick de Keyser
Hendrick de Keyser (15 May 1565 – 15 May 1621) was a Dutch sculptor and architect born in Utrecht, Netherlands, who was instrumental in establishing a late Renaissance form of Mannerism in Amsterdam. ...
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