Baroque music
Baroque music is a style of Western art music composed from approximately 1600 to 1750. This era followed the Renaissance, and was followed in turn by the Classical era. The word "baroque" comes from...
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Philippe Jaroussky - Vivaldi's introduzioni - Filiae maestae Jerusalem
On February 28th, Philippe Jaroussky sings a Vivaldi aria, with that angelic & amzing voice. Later on that evening, he is awarded 2007 best French lyrical artist.
Andreas Scholl: Largo di Handel : Ombra mai fu : Aria da Xerxes HWV 40 - Bonazeta YT Caricato da Bonazeta in data... 19/ott/2011 Handel Xerxes HWV 40 Andreas Scholl - Ombra mai fu - Handel Arias from Giulio Cesare, Admeto, Radamisto, Rodelinda, Ser...
Cecilia Bartoli - Son qual nave
Desde su nuevo tesoro maravilloso de un álbum, Sacrificium Cecilia Bartoli Farinelli Riccardo Broschi castrado castrati sacrificium napoles italia mezzo soprano coloratura Lyrics to Son Qual Nave : ...
Se pietà di me non senti
Magdalena Kožená rehearsals Handel's Se Pietà from Giulio Cesare with Marc Minkowski.
Vivaldi Concierto para 2 cellos
Giovanni Sollima - Jean Guihen Queyras,cellos Sinfonieta Amsterdam.
Vivaldi: Concerto for 2 violins in A minor
Vivaldi: Concerto for two violins and strings in a minor Julie Eskar & Eric Heide, Violins Danish National Chamber Orchestra
HAUSER - Adagio (Albinoni) Hauser performing Adagio by Albinoni with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra at his classical solo concert at the Lisinski...
Oboe da caccia
Sand Dalton plays a copy of an oboe da caccia after J.H. Eichentopf 1724. More details at
Antonio Vivaldi - Double cello concerto - Henri Demarquette / Claire-Lise Démettre - OCNE / Nicolas Krauze
Henri Demarquette et Claire-Lise Démettre interprètent le concerto pour deux violoncelles en sol mineur de Vivaldi. Orchestre de Chambre de la Nouvelle Europ...
Alessandro Scarlatti - Oratorio per La Santissima Trinità
Fede: Roberta Invernizzi, soprano Amor divino: Véronique Gens, soprano Teologia: Vivica Genaux, mezzo-soprano Infedeltà: Paul Agnew, tenor Tempo: Roberto Abb...
Prélude n°1 aux tubes musicaux (boomwhackers)
A group from France known as "Les Objets Volants" performs an incredibly difficult pull off version of Bach's Prelude No. 1 using only boomwhackers.
Johann Heinrich Schmelzer
JOHANN HEINRICH SCHMELZER (1623-1680) Sonata Quarta for violin and basso continuo Performed by Catham Baroque *Live recording **Johann Heinrich von Schmelz...
World premiere of Vivaldi's earliest known work
The newly-discovered earliest known work by Italian baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi is being premiered at a concert on Monday in Florence, at the city's renowned Uffizi art museum.
Transition from Renaissance to Baroque in instrumental music
In the years centering around 1600 in Europe, several distinct shifts emerged in ways of thinking about the purposes, writing and performance of music. Partly these changes were revolutionary, delibe...
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Roman School
In music history, the Roman School was a group of composers of predominantly church music, in Rome, during the 16th and 17th centuries, therefore spanning the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras. ...
Venetian School (music)
In music history, the Venetian School was the body and work of composers working in Venice from about 1550 to around 1610. The Venetian polychoral compositions of the late sixteenth century were amon...
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Baroque music of the British Isles
Baroque music of the British Isles bridged the gap between the early music of the Medieval and Renaissance periods and the development of fully fledged and formalised orchestral classical music in the...
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Mannheim school
Mannheim school refers to both the orchestral techniques pioneered by the court orchestra of Mannheim in the latter half of the 18th century as well as the group of composers who wrote such music for ...
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Scottish Baroque music
Classical music in Scotland is all art music in the Western European classical tradition, between its introduction in the eighteenth century until the present day. The development of a distinct tradit...
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Baroque orchestra
The Baroque orchestra is the type of orchestra that existed during the Baroque era, commonly identified as 1600-1750. Its origins were in France where Jean-Baptiste Lully added the newly re-designed ...
List of Baroque composers
Composers of the Baroque era, ordered by date of birth:
Colossal Baroque
The Colossal Baroque style is a name which has been coined to describe a number of compositions from the 17th and 18th centuries composed in an opulent, magnificent and large-scaled style. Such works...
Baroque dance
Baroque dance is dance of the Baroque era (roughly 1600–1750), closely linked with Baroque music, theatre and opera.
The majority of surviving choreographies from the period are English country da...
Neo-Baroque music
Neo-Baroque music refers to neoclassical music that prominently displays aspects of Baroque style.