Daniel Hadad
Daniel Hadad (born November 28, 1961) is an Argentine businessman involved in telecommunications and media.
Daniel Hadad was born in Buenos Aires in 1961. He earned degrees as a lawyer and journa...
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Cacho Castaña
Humberto Vicente Castagna (born June 11, 1942), better known as Cacho Castaña, is an Argentine singer and actor.
Born in Buenos Aires, Cacho Castaña developed an interest in music during his early...
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Lidia Elsa Satragno
Lidia Elsa Satragno (born on November 11, 1935) is an entertainer and politician in Argentina, where she's popularly known as Pinky.
Lidia Elsa Satragno was born in the western Buenos Aires suburb...
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Héctor Larrea
Héctor Larrea (born October 30, 1938) is an Argentine radio and television host.
Larrea was born in Bragado, Buenos Aires Province, in 1938. He lost his father at age nine, and found comfort with ...
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Sergio Goycochea
Sergio Javier Goycochea ([ˈserxjo xaˈβjer ɣoikoˈtʃea]; born 17 October 1963) is an Argentine former football goalkeeper and male model. He is best known for his penalty kick saves.
Goycochea was t...
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Antonio Gasalla
Antonio Gasalla (born March 9, 1941) is an Argentine actor, comedian, and theatre director.
Antonio Gasalla was born in Ramos Mejía, a western suburb of Buenos Aires, in 1941. He enrolled at the N...
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Duilio Marzio
Duilio Marzio (November 27, 1923 - July 25, 2013) was a well-known Argentine cinema and theatre actor.
Marzio was born Duilio Bruno Perruccio La Stella in Buenos Aires to Sicilian immigrants, in 1...
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Karen Maron
Karen Marón is an Argentine journalist, war correspondent, producer and writer. As international correspondent specialized in armed conflicts and international politics she has covered conflicts in th...
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Mónica Cahen D'Anvers
Mónica Cahen D'Anvers (born November 7, 1934) is an Argentine journalist and TV news host. She began to work in the TV news Telenoche in 1966 with César Mascetti. Both of them received the Golden Mart...
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Thelma Biral
Thelma Biral (born December 17, 1941) is an Argentine actress prominent in cinema, television and theatre.
Thelma Biral was born in Buenos Aires to Otello and Sira Biral, recently arrived Italian ...
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Pedro Sevcec
Pedro Ricardo Sevcec (born c. 1950 in Montevideo) is a former anchor of Telemundo newscast and television reporter who works for America TV / Miami in the United States. He also has his own afternoon ...
Marcelo Tinelli
Marcelo Hugo Tinelli (born April 1, 1960, in Bolívar, Buenos Aires Province), is an Argentine TV host, media producer and businessman, best known as the host of the TV show ShowMatch broadcast on Arge...
Juan Carlos Mesa
Juan Carlos Mesa (born May 15, 1930) is a well-known Argentine humorist, screenwriter and director.
Juan Carlos Mesa was born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1930. Following a stint as a writer in Urugua...
Romina Yan
Romina Yankelevich (5 September 1974 – 28 September 2010), better known as Romina Yan, was an Argentine actress, screenwriter, singer and dancer. She made her television debut in the program Jugate Co...
Norma Morandini
Norma Elena Morandini (born March 31, 1948) is an Argentine journalist and politician. She was elected to the Argentine Senate in 2009, and was nominated as running mate by Progressive Front president...
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Guillermo Arduino
Guillermo Arduino is a CNN anchor and correspondent. Currently he is the host of Mirador Mundial on CNN en Español and Clix, a tech show on CNN en Español and CNN Latino.
Arduino was born in 1964 ...
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Maria Concepcion Cesar
Maria Concepcion Cesar (born María Concepción Cesarano on October 25, 1926 in the neighborhood of Floresta in Buenos Aires), Argentina. She is multi-faceted actress, singer an...
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Norman Briski
Norman Briski (born January 2, 1938) is a well-known Argentine theatre actor, director and playwright, as well as a noted cinema and television actor.
Naum Normando Briski was born in Santa Fe, A...
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Carlos Montero
Carlos Montero (b. 20 March 1963 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine journalist and news anchor, currently host in CNN en Español of Café CNN and La Noticia de la Semana.
Before joining CNN, Montero ...
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