Luisana Lopilato
Official website for argentinian model/actress. Face of Elvive, L’Oreal y Ona Saez. Star of Married with Children, Rebelde Way & In Therapy.
Michael Bublé and wife Luisana Lopilato share tender hug as they enjoy family stroll with baby son Noah
The couple enjoyed a stroll with Noah, 14 months, in Vancouver over the weekend, and couldn't resist a little PDA. 
Luisana Lopilato
Official website for argentinian model/actress. Face of Elvive, L’Oreal y Ona Saez. Star of Married with Children, Rebelde Way & In Therapy.
María Rosa Gallo
María Rosa Gallo (1922–2004) was an Argentine actress. Won the Diamond Konex Award in 1991.
Malisa Zini
Malisa Zini (March 5, 1921 – February 26, 1985) was an Argentine actress. She starred in the 1950 film Arroz con leche, among others such as Cumbres de hidalguía, under director Carlos Schlieper. s
Mercedes Morán
Mercedes Morán (born September 21, 1955) is an Argentine film and television actress.
Mercedes Morán has worked in several TV programs, such as Donde pueda quererte, Rosa de lejos, Por siempre ami...
Diana Maggi
Diana Maggi (June 10, 1927-) is an Italian - Argentine actress. She starred in the 1950 film Campeón a la fuerza.
Nélida Romero
Nélida Romero (January 17, 1926 – January 14, 2015) was an Argentine actress. She starred in the 1950 film Arroz con leche under director Carlos Schlieper, who was her husband from 1944 to 1957.
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Soledad Silveyra
Soledad Silveyra ([soleˈðað silˈβeiɾa]; born February 13, 1952), is a prominent TV, theater and cinema Argentine actress.She has made over 65 TV and film appearances since 1964. Most of her appearance...
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Dolores Fonzi
Dolores Fonzi ([doˈloɾes ˈfonsi]; born 19 July 1978) is an Argentine TV, theatre and film actress active since 1996.Several of her films have received critical acclaim such as Plata quemada (2000), Es...
Araceli González
Araceli González ([aɾaˈseli ɣonˈsales]; born June 19, 1967 in Buenos Aires, as Araceli Edith González) is an Argentinian actress, fashion model and TV host.Gonzalez began performing arts at a young ag...
Irma Córdoba
Irma Córdoba (July 20, 1913 – May 18, 2008) was an Argentine film actress of the classic era.She entered the film industry in 1932 and appeared in over 30 films, spanning 65 years of Argentine film. S...
Ingrid Rubio
Íngrid Rubio Ruiz (2 August 1975 in Barcelona, Spain) is one of the top actresses in Spanish language cinema. She won the Special Mention Award at the 1996 San Sebastián International Film Festival fo...
Antonella Costa
Antonella Costa (born 19 March 1980 in Rome, Italy) is a film and television actress. She moved to Argentina with her parents at the age of four. She has worked in different countries, but primarily i...
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Nancy Dupláa
Nancy Dupláa (born December 3, 1969) is an Argentine actress.
She was born in Olivos, Buenos Aires Province, and was raised in San Martín, a suburb to the west. She enrolled in the University of B...
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Mirtha Legrand
Rosa María Juana Martínez Suárez (born 23 February 1927), known by her stage name Mirtha Legrand, is an Argentine actress and television presenter who has worked in Argentina and Spain, twin sister of...
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Tilda Thamar
Tilda Thamar (born Matilde Sofía Margarita Abrecht; 7 December 1921 – 12 April 1989) was an Argentine actress. She was born in Entre Rios Province, Argentina, in 1921. She was married to Spanish portr...
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Micaela Vázquez
Micaela Belén Vázquez ([mikaˈela ˈβaskes]; born November 24, 1986) is an Argentine actress. She is the best known for her role of Pilar Dunoff in the series Rebelde Way, and also for series Chiquitita...
Alita Román
Alita Román ( August 24, 1912 - April 15, 1989 ), was an Argentine film actress. She starred in nearly 50 films between 1934 and 1982.Roman made her debut in 1935 in the film La Barra Mendocina and in...
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Nya Quesada
Armonía "Nya" Quesada (13 April 1919 – 6 December 2013) was an Argentine actress, whose career spanned nearly five decades.Nya Quesada died of natural causes on 6 December 2013, aged 94, in Buenos Air...
Paulette Duval
Paulette Duval (born 1889, died 1951) was a French dancer and actress of the silent film era and early sound motion pictures. She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1889 and raised in France. She...
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Lydia Lamaison
Lydia Lamaison (5 August 1914 – 20 February 2012) was an Argentine actress. She appeared in 47 films and television shows between 1939 and 2012. She starred in the film La caída, which was enter...
Soledad Fandiño
Soledad Fandiño (born 7 April 1982, Flores, Buenos Aires) is an Argentine stage, television and film actress. Fandiño debuted as an actress in the 2003 television series Rebelde Way. After the series,...