Pieter Bustijn
Monumenta musica neerlandica: suite in a-minor first 2 parts on cembalo by ernst stolz Preludio & allemande Pieter Bustijn (1649?-1729), was a musician from ...
Hans van der Hellen
Hans van der Hellen (Latinized: Johannis Hellenij) was a Dutch printer in Middelburg, Zeeland, during the Dutch Golden Age.Van der Hellen lived and worked in Zierikzee (from 1614 to 1617) and moved hi...
Claes Jansz. Visscher
Claes Janszoon Visscher (1587 – 19 June 1652) was a Dutch Golden Age draughtsman, engraver, mapmaker and publisher.
Visscher, who was born and died in Amsterdam, was also known as Nicolas Joannes ...
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Joan Maetsuycker
Joan Maetsuycker (14 October 1606 – 24 January 1678) was the Governor of Zeylan during the Dutch period in Ceylon and Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies from 1653 to 1678. He was appointed as G...
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Gerard van Schagen
Gerard Lucasz or Gerrit van Schagen or van Schaagen; Latin: Gerardus a Schagen (ca. 1642 - after 1690) was a cartographer from Amsterdam, known for his maps. He lived and worked in Amsterdam, in the H...
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Sebastian Croll
Sebastian Croll (pronounced /krɔl/ in Dutch, later as "Crull") is believed to have introduced the Cruller to the New World. It was subsequently named in his honor.In 1617, he was the first commissary ...
Laurens Reael
Laurens Reael (22 October 1583 – 21 October 1637) was an employee of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies from 1616 to 1619 and an admiral of the Dutch n...
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Paulus van de Perre
Paulus van de Perre (Middelburg?, 1598? – London, 14 December 1653) was a Dutch politician and diplomat. He was one of the Dutch envoys who negotiated the Treaty of Westminster (1654) for the Du...
Engel de Ruyter
Engel Michielszoon de Ruyter (2 May 1649 – 27 February 1683) was a Dutch vice-admiral.
De Ruyter was born in Vlissingen, the son of lieutenant admiral Michiel de Ruyter and his second wife C...
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Johannes Hertenberg
Johannes Hertenberg (15 April 1668, Oudkarspel - 19 October 1725, Colombo) was the 17th commander of Dutch Malabar from 1716 to 1723 and the 19th Dutch Governor of Ceylon from 1723 until his death.In...
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Jacob van Kittensteyn
Jacob van Kittensteyn was the Governor of Zeylan during the Dutch period in Ceylon. He was appointed in 26 February 1650 and was Governor until 11 October 1653. He was succeeded by Adriaan van der Mey...
Gerard Callenburgh
Gerard Callenburgh (6 December 1642 – 8 October 1722) was a Dutch admiral.Gerard was born in Willemstad, the son of a wood-trader, but chose to enter the Dutch navy in 1661 as a cadet, serving the Adm...
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Auke Stellingwerf
Auke Andriesz Stellingwerf (1635 – 13 June 1665) was a Dutch (Frisian) admiral who served the Frisian admiralty and died while commanding a squadron in the battle of Lowestoft.
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Paulus van Rhoo
Paulus van Rhoo was the Governor of Zeylan during the Dutch period in Ceylon. He was appointed in 29 January 1695 and was Governor until 22 February 1697. He was succeeded by Gerrit de Heere.
Jan Thyszoon Payart
Jan Thyszoon Payart was the Governor of Zeylan during the Dutch period in Ceylon. He was appointed in 1 August 1640 and was Governor until 24 March 1646. He was succeeded by Joan Maetsuycker.
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Laurens van Pyl
Laurens van Pyl was a Dutch colonial administrator who held the post of Governor of Dutch Ceylon. He was appointed in 3 December 1680 and was Governor until 19 June 1693. He was succeeded by Thomas va...
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Jacob van Heemskerk
Jacob van Heemskerk (3 March 1567 in Amsterdam – 25 April 1607 in Bay of Gibraltar) was a Dutch explorer and later admiral commanding the Dutch fleet at the Battle of Gibraltar.
Van Heemske...
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Johannes Georgius Bruchius
Johannes Georgius Bruchius was a Dutch fencing master who lived in the 17th century. His book, Thorough description Of the Noble and Knightly Fencing or Weapon-Art, was published in 1671.
Egbert Bartholomeusz Kortenaer
Egbert Bartholomeuszoon Kortenaer or Egbert Meussen Cortenaer (1604 – 13 June 1665) was an admiral of the United Provinces of the Netherlands. His second name is also given as Bartolomeuszoon or Meeuw...
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Jan Rijspoort
Jan Rijspoort was a Flemish composer who was active at the end of Renaissance and beginning of the early Baroque period. He worked in the Spanish Netherlands at the end of the 16th century and the beg...
Jacques l'Hermite
Jacques l'Hermite (c. 1582 – June 2, 1624), sometimes also known as Jacques le Clerq, was a Dutch merchant, explorer and admiral known for his journey around the globe with the Nassau Fleet ...
Cornelius Cruys
Cornelius Cruys (Russian: Крюйс, Корнелий Иванович) (1655 – 1727) was a Dutch Vice Admiral of the Imperial Russian Navy and the first commander of the Russian Baltic Fleet. He was born in Norway.<...
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Jacob Hustaert
Jacob Hustaert was the Governor of Zeylan during the Dutch period in Ceylon. He was appointed in 27 December 1663 and was Governor until 19 November 1664. He was succeeded by Rijckloff van Goens.
Cornelis van Nijenrode
Cornelis van Nijenrode, also Cornelis van Nieuwroode (born Naarden; died Hirado, 31 January 1633), was Governor of the VOC-trading post in Hirado, Japan from 1623 to 1633.Cornelis arrived in Asia in 1...
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