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In The Eerie Emptiness Of Chernobyl’s Abandoned Towns, Wildlife Is Flourishing
Whatever fallout may have come from the initial explosion was completely offset by the benefits of life without humans. e sound was like nothing Tom Hinton had ever heard before: a chorus of baleful wolf howls, long and loud and coming from seemingly every direction in the darkness. The predators yipped and chirped and crooned to one another for what seemed like forever, sending a shiver of awe and intuitive fear down Hinton’s spine. “It was a primordial experience,” he said, something most of humanity hasn’t felt for tens of thousands of years. “That dates back to when humans were prey.” It was only possible because of where Hinton was standing, a remote area along the Belarus-Ukraine border that’s been uninhabited by humans for decades.
What Happens When You Put a Hummingbird in a Wind Tunnel?
Scientists have used a high-speed camera to film hummingbirds' aerial acrobatics at 1000 frames per second. They can see, frame by frame, how neither wind no...
Nobel Prize For Physics 2015: How Neutrinos Saved The World
The prize goes to a discovery about the properties of neutrino particles that has saved us from worrying that Earth might end in an icy death. Astronomers called it the solar neutrino problem. It was much more than a problem. Upon its discovery in the late 1960s, it meant that the sun could be dying. And if the sun died, so would life on Earth. But thankfully the latest winners of the Nobel prize for physics, Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B McDonald, have been addressing such concerns to great success. The sun was theorised to be powered by nuclear reactions in its core and these produced neutrino particles. Theoretical models of the sun’s interior had predicted the number of neutrinos that were being produced and by the mid-1960s, two American physicists had taken up the challenge of trying to detect them: Raymond Davis Jr, and John Bahcall.
U.S. Military Is On Its Way To Getting Its 'Iron Man'
After an American commando died kicking in a door during a raid in Afghanistan, the top commander of U.S. Special Operations vowed to prevent similar tragedies.Two years later, the U.S. military is closer than ever to putting Iron Man on the front lines -- or at least something that closely mirrors the superhero's tech-forward suit of armor. Unlike Hollywood's, the suit won't give its operator the ability to fly, but the real-life body armor may have one leg up on the fictional version: The military's suit will be made of liquid armor that can solidify on command.
Russian Archaeologists Unearth Legendary White Walls of Memphis
According to Manetho, an ancient Egyptian historian and priest of the 3rd century BC, Memphis once carried the name Ineb-hedj, meaning ‘White Walls’. Some historians maintain that the city was named by the founder of Memphis, pharaoh Menes, who built a fortress of white walls. Others suggest the city was named after the pharaoh’s palace, which would have been built of white-washed brick, while another theory is that the white walls refer to the enormous walls around the Temple of Ptah, the largest and most important temple in ancient Memphis.
How a Taipei skyscraper stays steady during typhoon winds
On Aug. 8, 2015, Taipei 101's damper set a record when it swung a full meter to counteract 100 mph winds from Typhoon Soudelor, according to Popular Mechanics. One gust clocked in at 145 mph.
Akasher Street-e Hante Digital Narod
Akasher Street-e Hante igital Narod (Bengali: আকাশের স্ট্রিটে হাঁটে ডিজিটাল নারদ) is a collection of 45 poems written by modern Bengali poet Quazi Johirul Islam. In this book, the poet depicts the Anglo-American economic colonization of Third World countries in the name of globalization. Highly rated contemporary modern Bengali poems. It was published in February 2006.
Osman Gani, Agami Pr...
Lab-grown kidneys work in animals
Scientists say they are a step closer to growing fully functioning replacement kidneys, after promising results in animals.
The Sea People - Inscriptions in The Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu
Medinet Habu is a mortuary temple that was constructed for Ramesess III at Thebes in Upper Egypt. The temple decoration consists of a series of reliefs and texts telling of the many exploits of the king, from his campaign against the Libyans to, most importantly, his war against the Sea Peoples. The texts and reliefs that deal with the Sea Peoples date to year eight of Ramesess III’s reign, approximately 1190 B.C. The significance of these texts is that they provide an account of Egypt’s campaign against the “coalition of the sea” from an Egyptian point of view. The Medinet Habu inscriptions are also significant for their artistic depictions of the Sea Peoples. These provide valuable information about the appearance and accoutrements of the various groups, and can lend clues towards deciphering their ethnic backgrounds (Redford 1992: 251).
Henri Matisse
Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse ([ɑ̃ʁi matis]; 31 December 1869 – 3 November 1954) was a French artist, known for his use of colour and his fluid and original draughtsmanship. He was a draughtsman, printmaker, and sculptor, but is known primarily as a painter. Matisse is commonly regarded, along with Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp, as one of the three artists who helped to define the revolutionary de...
How to Make Thai Papaya Salad - Som Tum ส้มตำ (Thai Food)
I hope you like this video! It would mean so much to me if you shared this recipe with your friends. ♥ I hope this video was fun and helpful and that you enj...
16 Projects And Ideas To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal
Want to make your home look more inviting? Improve your home's appearance without breaking the bank!
About - Cheryl Richardson : Cheryl Richardson
For the last twenty years I’ve dedicated my personal and professional life to the importance of self-care by teaching from my own experience.  In the past, I’ve sacrificed my health and my relationships for work, given to others at the expense of my own needs, and watched my dreams slip through the cracks of a …
Doctors Reattach Toddler's DECAPITATED Head After Horror Car Crash
THIS toddler has made a miracle recovery after his head was DECAPITATED in a near-death car crash. Little Jackson Taylor is now on the mend after surgeons miraculously reattached his head to his neck. The 16-month-old toddler suffered the horrific injuries after the car he was travelling in with his mother and sister crashed head on with another vehicle at 70mph. The force from the collision was so intense that Jackson's head pulled apart from his neck in an internal decapitation. But top medics were aable to reattach the boy's vertebrae using wire and a piece of his rib during a gruelling six-hour operation.
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Willie Worsley
Willie Worsley was one of the guards for the Texas Western Miners basketball team during their now-legendary 1966 NCAA championship game against Kentucky. Although only 5 foot 9 inches tall, he later played 24 games for the ABA's New York Nets during the 1968-69 season.Willie played basketball for DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, leading the team to a New York City Championship in 196...
Stem Cells Help Restore Vision
Age-related macular degeneration could be treated by transplanting photoreceptors produced by the directed differentiation of stem cells, thanks to new findings. ARMD is a common eye problem caused by the loss of cones. Bernier's team has developed a highly effective in vitro technique for producing light sensitive retina cells from human embryonic stem cells. "Our method has the capacity to differentiate 80 percent of the stem cells into pure cones," explained Professor Gilbert. "Within 45 days, the cones that we allowed to grow towards confluence spontaneously formed organized retinal tissue that was 150 microns thick. This has never been achieved before."
How The Brain Recognizes Objects
Neuroscientists find evidence that the brain’s inferotemporal cortex can identify objects. When the eyes are open, visual information flows from the retina through the optic nerve and into the brain, which assembles this raw information into objects and scenes. Scientists have previously hypothesized that objects are distinguished in the inferior temporal (IT) cortex, which is near the end of this flow of information, also called the ventral stream. A new study from MIT neuroscientists offers evidence that this is indeed the case. Using data from both humans and nonhuman primates, the researchers found that neuron firing patterns in the IT cortex correlate strongly with success in object-recognition tasks.
Behind Japanese Mob: Dinner With Yakuza
The Japanese mafia, known globally as The Yakuza, is a funny beast. For example, they don’t hide themselves away from the prying eyes of law enforcement. In fact, you can usually look their local office up in the yellow pages. They have a sign outside. When you go inside, some nice lady in some sort of “office worker” uniform will greet you, seat you, and scurry about to bring you tea or a cup of coffee (one stick of sugar, one packet of creamer) while you wait. Not unlike going to see the mayor, or making a business call to some corporate office.
Joe Ades , Greatest Salesman in New York City History !!
One of the best salesman in New York City...probably the best, period. The King Of New York Hacks has knighted him so therefore it IS !!
History of Art: Henry Moore
English sculptor, draughtsman and printmaker. Generally acknowledged as the most important British sculptor of the 20th century, he took the human figure as his central subject-matter throughout his career. Although he witnessed revolutionary stylistic changes and the emergence of new sculptural materials during his working life, he borrowed from diverse cultural traditions and artists in order to give his work a profound resonance with the art of the past. His female figures, echoing the forms of mountains, valleys, cliffs and caves, extended and enriched the landscape tradition, which he embraced as part of his English artistic heritage.
Nature Rx Part 1
Set in the world of a spoofed prescription drug commercial, Nature Rx offers a hearty dose of laughs and the outdoors - two timeless prescriptions for whatever ails you. Side effects may include confidence, authenticity, remembering you have a body, and being in a good mood for no apparent reason.
The ancient Jomon of Japan: History and Pictures
The Jomon culture, which encompasses a great expanse of time, constitutes Japan's Neolithic period. Its name is derived from the "cord markings" that characterize the ceramics made during this time. The early Jomon people were semi-sedentary, living mostly in pit dwellings arranged around central open spaces, and obtained their food by gathering, fishing, and hunting. Jomon pots were made by hand, without the aid of a wheel, the potter building up the vessel from the bottom with coil upon coil of soft clay. As in all other Neolithic cultures, women produced these early potteries. The clay was mixed with a variety of adhesive materials, including mica, lead, fibers, and crushed shells. After the vessel was formed, tools were employed to smooth both the outer and interior surfaces. When completely dry, it was fired in an outdoor bonfire at a temperature of no more than about 900 C...
A Facebook Dislike button — or something like it — is coming soon
After years of speculation and member requests, Facebook is finally working on a Dislike button, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said. But it's probably not exactly what you think. Zuckerberg said the feature will be coming soon during a town hall meeting on Tuesday at the company's California headquarters. However, he also said it wouldn't be a way for users to "downvote" posts and instead would let users express other emotions besides the inferred positivity of the Like button. SEE ALSO: 14 honest Facebook buttons that need to exist "People have asked about the 'dislike' button for many years, and probably hundreds of people have asked about this, and today is a special day because today is the day that I actually get to say we are working on it, and are very close to shipping a test of it," Zuckerberg said, according to a CNBC report. Zuckerberg added that the company has held off on a Dislike button to avoid becoming a Reddit-style system that encouraged upvoting and downvoting, according to reports.
Ready for the Road - Google Driverless Car
We started designing the world’s first fully self-driving vehicle to transform mobility, making it easier, safer and more enjoyable for everyone to get around. Now we're ready for the next step of our project: this summer, our prototype vehicles will leave the test track and hit the familiar roads of Mountain View, California, with our safety drivers aboard.
Etruscan Tomb Paintings and Sarcophagi
These two large Etruscan cemeteries reflect different types of burial practices from the 9th to the 1st century BC, and bear witness to the achievements of Etruscan culture. Wich over nine centuries developed the earliest urban civilization in the nothern Mediterranean. Some of the tombs are monumental, cut in rock and topped by impressive tumuli (burial mounds). Many feature carvings on their walls, others have wall paintings of outstanding quality.
5 Most Mysterious Things To Ever Happen
Unexplained mysteries.....
How To Avoid Getting Hacked At The ATM
We’ve heard the warnings for years now to avoid sketchy ATMs, yet folks continue to withdraw from hacked ATMs and later watch helplessly as money drains from their accounts. Thanks in part to slow adoption of EMV chip smart cards in the U.S., thefts of card data from U.S. ATMs are at the highest rate in two decades. From January to April alone, ATM security breaches rose 174% from the same time last year. New ATMs are on the rise that claim to defeat the current ATM hacking methods, but in the meantime, there are tips to steer clear of ATMs that are most likely to be hacked.
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